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  1. Shouldn't teams know by now, its best to wear colored pants versus the raiders, whenever they're the road team.
  2. That Lions vs Cowboys game was beautiful, that navy vs the blue looked great.
  3. The steelers could've easily wore their color rush versus the bengals, when they played on MNF earlier in the season. But, for some reason they're wearing their color rush against us.
  4. Lions better wear their blue pants, the blue would really pop against the raiders black jerseys
  5. Why are the eagles so enamored with their white pants. Do they hate wearing their green pants.
  6. The Saints are having a poll on instagram for what uniform to wear on thanksgiving. Black on black or Black on Gold.
  7. I was wondering if the Saints would wear their throwbacks on thanksgiving, thankfully its happening. And are the Cowboys really going with white jerseys on thanksgiving