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  1. Anybody think the Dolphins wear the white throwbacks this Sunday versus Buffalo.
  2. Nah they havent, but I have a feeling we may wear the throwbacks versus the Ravens, Colts, and Bills
  3. Looks like the Dolphins are finally bringing back the white counterpart socks:
  4. I'm just pissed we're still not gonna see the Cowboys in their Thanksgiving throwback uniforms against the Raiders again.
  5. Well, in the trailer Travis Kelce has his stripes socks around the knee area. However, most players wear striped socks low.
  6. Idk if you guys noticed but Madden 22 has finally added sock adjustment for teams with striped socks:
  7. The (Washington Football Team) all-white looks good. However, do yall like the look with burgundy socks or the white striped socks.
  8. I wish more teams would be like the chiefs and wear white stripe socks with their away look.
  9. Somebody need to start a petition to make the Bears bring back their all-white look.
  10. Does anybody know if the colts will use their blue color rush pants with their white jersey as a possible road uniform this year.
  11. Shouldn't teams know by now, its best to wear colored pants versus the raiders, whenever they're the road team.
  12. That Lions vs Cowboys game was beautiful, that navy vs the blue looked great.
  13. The steelers could've easily wore their color rush versus the bengals, when they played on MNF earlier in the season. But, for some reason they're wearing their color rush against us.
  14. Lions better wear their blue pants, the blue would really pop against the raiders black jerseys
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