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  1. Something I noticed while watching the pro bowl was that jarvis landry changed his visor. The first picture shows the one which reflects, and the second one shows the one which glisten.
  2. That's how it will look if we wore white socks with the aqua pants
  3. Going to be nice seeing the aqua pants in the Pittsburgh weather
  4. Seattle's all gray uniform should look good in the Green Bay snow.
  5. I think the Cardinals are going to wear all-red against my Dolphins
  6. This looked like a throwback game. Could possibly be uni-matchup of the year.
  7. Is it just me or does the away team always wear colored pants on Thanksgiving.
  8. I thought the Bengals were going to wear the black pants just like how the Ravens did. But the all-white with orange socks look good
  9. I noticed that too, I hope they bring back the blue with aqua socks.
  10. The Dolphins are going to wear aqua pants vs Chargers (check the fins IG)
  11. Do you guys think the all white uniform looks better vs the chargers, than the aqua pants would.
  12. Just seen it, but i still think all-white would've been a better look vs our aqua jerseys.
  13. The Jets are wearing green pants. Should've worn all white to contrast the Dolphins all-aqua.
  14. I would like to see someone put white stripped socks on those white socks to see how it would look on the aqua pants.
  15. I still can't get over the fact that that would've been the first Throwback game with 2 teams wearing Nike throwback uniforms. Could've been uni-matchup of the year.
  16. Even though my Dolphins looked good in their throwbacks and got the W, the uni matchup of the week is redskins vs lions.
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