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  1. Our high school, the Cairo Syrupmakers. For decades, the largest factory in our city was Roddenberry Foods. Their two main products were pickles and syrup, hence the name Syrupmakers. We were actually named the most unique mascot name among Georgia high schools by ESPN.
  2. I personally like the Color Rush Thursday idea. But it needs to be tweaked. It should be Color Rush Thursday, not Monochromatic Thursday. Wearing the same color socks and pants makes it look like the players are wearing yoga pants. Just let them wear primary colors with normal socks and cleats. I'm also disappointed when teams "wimp out" and just wear white pants and jerseys. I understand we can't have the Cowboys play the Giants with both in blue. But the Giants could wear red or the Cowboys wear silver. When one team wears white, it winds up looking like a 1950's or 60's uniform in most cases! And as most have stated, the one helmet rule needs to be changed. We shouldn't let teams use 10 different helmets, but maybe just limit it to two or three.
  3. No, but obviously it would stop a lot of other throwback designs like the Cowboys, Patriots, Seahawks, Bucs, etc.
  4. I think everyone agrees that the NFL's one helmet rule needs to be abolished. This would open up things a lot for most teams. I'd love to see the Giants break out the mid 70's uniform with the blue pants. I always loved that uniform.
  5. I believe they are actually referring to the Cowboys wearing blue over white since the change in team colors from blue/white to blue/silver. Obviously blue over white was very common before their uniform change.
  6. The baby blue jersey and white pants was awesome but I was never a fan of the white over white. I liked the white jersey with baby blue pants.
  7. Color Rush is just one more thing the NFL has screwed up. I think it would be awesome if they didn't make teams wear the color matching socks and cleats!
  8. Sleeves are for kickers and quarterbacks! LOL
  9. Namath was the first quarterback to use this style mask, due to an injury. I read he later switched to the old version of it so he could move his head side to side easier.
  10. But I still like it better than linemen wearing smaller, "skill position" facemasks.
  11. Those were some of the ugliest facemask ever! I remember Greg Lloyd used one forever.
  12. Our Cairo High School Syrupmaker's uniforms have changed little over the years. This year we have red pants to go into rotation with our black and silver pants. We purchased red jersey's last year that are in rotation with white and black jerseys.
  13. I'd say Otto was an oddity. Even in his day, almost all linemen wore a full cage style facemask. Good point about today's visors doing a better job of eye protection than the middle bar style facemasks. Styles and trends do come and go. Remember in the 90's when all the linemen, linebackers and even some defensive backs wore a version of this?
  14. I hate to break this too you guys, but a lot of people consider the white cleats that everyone wore in the late 70's thru the 80's "old school"! I know it sux to get old, I'm about to be 50!! LOL