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  1. I actually got the black/white inspiration from a Tampa Bay Lightning t-shirt I have. With that being said I have another idea in mind to include the blue.
  2. Not really, but I’ll totally give it a try.
  3. Part Two, somewhat, Kings need purple. The nhl needs purple. It looks great on the ice IMO, that’s why the Kings bring it back. Kings go to a strictly purple, silver, and white color scheme. The silver would and should have the same glittery effect as the Golden Knights have on their sweaters. And last, Kings bring back the original crown logo.
  4. sorry its been forever since ive posted anything
  5. To me it's still aparent that Tampa still looks like the Leafs. So, I went out a limb and changed their color scheme from blue and white, to black and white. The hanger effect is the color from the all-star game held in Tampa last year, I figuered it would be okay to use, since it wont be seen anyway. Blue only appears on the gloves as an outline for the brands logo... Since they somewhat resemble LA, I will be doing an LA redesign. C&C welcome.
  6. bkreitz10

    NHL Team 32?

    To me, Houston is the front runner
  7. bkreitz10

    NHL Team 32?

    Update in Milwaukee.
  8. bkreitz10

    NHL Team 32?

    FINAL Houston copy.
  9. bkreitz10

    NHL Team 32?

    Milwaukee Lakers I love the idea of NHL in Wisconsin, it just works. As for the identity it self, its simple, the alternate is college jersey styled, which can work it the right way.
  10. bkreitz10

    NHL Team 32?

    it would, but probably not with the color scheme