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  1. Week 1 Results: Standings W Week 2 Matchups:
  2. Quebec Coureurs- Northeastern Conference The word Coureur translates as French for runner. The Coureurs use it as short for the Coureur de Bois, famous frontiersmen of French origin. The primary logo is a retro interlocked Q and C. The secondary is a Coureur de Bois smoking a piece pipe. The initial idea was that the piece pipe and head would form a Q. The Coureurs' jerseys are designed to resembled buckskins, with the frontiersman pattern on the sleeves and waist.
  3. Charleston Buccaneers- Southeastern Conference The Buccaneers name comes from the piracy of the Carolina coasts. The primary is a jolly roger on a hockey stick mast. The patterns on the side are meant to reflect the sophistication of Charleston. The secondary is a pirate sloop with a hockey stick mast. The jerseys feature black panels down the sides with gold accents.
  4. First of all introducing the new and improved Railers jerseys. Also, here is the matchup sheet for the week. I will continue to introduce new teams as I finish them until the league is filled out.
  5. Atlanta Bears- Southeastern Conference The Atlanta Bears name and identity come from the club's majority owner, Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola was founded in Atlanta and uses a polar bear as it's company mascot. The Bears have a classic, almost throwback look. Their primary is a script logo and their alternate is a polar bear cub. Their jerseys match the simplicity of the logos with a simple sleeve stripe to match the stripe of the primary logo. Also with the regular season starting tomorrow I will post a matchup sheet for week one with unrevealed teams blacked out. Also I will make a correction to the Railers away jersey.
  6. San Diego Surfers- Pacific Conference The Surfers logo depicts a surfer on a wave with the setting sun in the background. A cloud and a shadow on the water make a S and a D for San Diego. The secondary logo is a surfboard that has been bitten by a shark in front of crossed hockey sticks. The third logo is a fauxback to an older logo set the team used. The jerseys are white for home and aqua blue away with a striping pattern that matches the surfboards in the logo set.
  7. Houston Generals- Western Conference The Generals are the final team of the Western Conference. Their name comes from the same place the city name comes from, General Sam Houston. Houston led the Texans in their fight for independence against Mexico. The Generals color scheme comes from the Texas state flag. The Generals wear a white home and a blue away with a simple striping pattern on the sleeves and waist.
  8. I'm not great at this so the jerseys are relatively simple.
  9. Utah Railers- Western Conference. The Railers play in Salt Lake City, and their name comes from nearby Golden Spike National Historic Site. That is where the Union-Pacific and Central-Pacific joined together forming the first trans-continental railroad. The golden spike makes an appearance in the wordmark standing in for the T in Utah. The logo is two hockey sticks standing in for rails. The alternate is a frontal view of a old fashioned locomotive. The most interesting feature of the jerseys is the railroad striping on the sleeves. They also feature a gold triangle on the collar representing the golden spike.
  10. Oklahoma Oilers- Western Conference The Oklahoma Oilers have simplistic identity, with primary colors of maroon and off-white. Their primary is a star with an oil derrick for the top point. It is designed to like an old advertising sign. Their secondary logo is a star with a drop of oil coming down from the top. The jerseys are extremely simple, featuring the word Oilers written diagonally across the front and two simple stripes on the sleeves and waist.
  11. Kansas City Twisters- Western Conference The Twisters take their name from the tornadoes and severe weather in that part of the country. The Twisters wear black, grey, silver, and white. Their primary is a simplified tornado. The alternate comes from the old KC scouts logo. The third logo is a wordmark tilted up to match the slant of the primary. The home jersey white with black and silver accents. The black is black with silver and grey accents. The sleeve striping is designed to mimic the tornado in the primary logo.
  12. Indianapolis Racers- Northeastern Conference The Racers name comes from the famed Indianapolis 500. The colors are black and white and their identity is dominated by the checkered flag. Their Jerseys are relatively simple with a single large stripe on the sleeves.
  13. Name of University: Jefferson State University Nickname: Rebels Location: Yreka, Jefferson ( officially CA) Colors: Green, Gold Jefferson State was founded in 1941 to be the flagship university of the new state of Jefferson in what was (and is) northern California and Southern Oregon. When the plans for statehood fell through due to World War 2, the university managed to keep its doors open through funding from the State of California. In 1963, the state of California began the process of incorporating Jefferson State into the UC system as UC-Jefferson. However, the students, faculty, alumni, and locals revolted, earning the school the nickname rebels. The state of California withdrew its funding, and to this day Jefferson State refuses to take any state government money. The school is technically private, but draws some money from counties that are considered part of the state of Jefferson. The logo comes from the two X's in the center of the Great Seal of the State of Jefferson, and the colors come from the state flag. The school would like it to be mentioned one more time that it is NOT located in California, it is in Jefferson. ( they're quite proud of that) Hail Jefferson!
  14. Milwaukee Lakers- Northeastern Conference The Lakers take their name from Milwaukee's location on Lake Michigan. Their colors are blue and gold and the look takes inspiration from both the city and the lake. The Primary depicts an old sailing ship with the two sails forming an M. the alternate is a ships wheel with two wheat stems emerging from it. The Jerseys are relatively simple with a white home and a blue away with a simple striping pattern on the sleeves.
  15. Greetings, this is my first attempt at anything on here, and I am quite excited to take on the project. The FHL is a fantasy hockey league though ESPN and was inspired by Raptorman415's ULFF. The logos and jerseys were created in MS Paint. So, without further ado, I present the FHL logo and format. The league will consist of sixteen teams in cities not currently represented in the NHL. The league will be divided up into four conferences of four teams each. The top eight teams will make the playoffs. The Northeastern Conference- Milwaukee Lakers, Quebec Coureurs, Indianapolis Racers, Baltimore The Southeastern Conference- Charleston Buccaneers, Atlanta Bears, New Orleans Angels, Orlando Thrills The Western Conference- Oklahoma Oilers, Houston Generals, Utah Railers, Kansas City Twisters The Pacific Conference- San Diego Surfers, San Francisco Mariners, Las Vegas Thunderbirds, Seattle Storm The league draft will be held on Sunday October 9th at 5:00 AM and the regular season will begin on October 12th. I hope to have every team's identity ready by the beginning of the season.