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  1. Ooh, these are fantastic! Can I get: Penguins Home Jersey Golden Knights Away Jersey Rams Throwbacks, #20 Michigan Home Jersey, #20 Indians Red Alternates Nationals Blue Alternates from Last Year, #20
  2. Twitter says it was a specialty logo for Nevada Day.
  3. I just want Mr. Redlegs for the Reds. Other than that, great job with this series, keep it up!
  4. Are we sure that the Penguins will even have one, Have they announced anything yet? If they will have one, I think it’ll be the Stadium Series jerseys from 2017, as they were a big hit with the fans.
  5. Something is off about that yellow, it’s too bright. Other than that, these look great
  6. Red/Black/Sand/Teal
  7. The Chargers are absolutely beautiful, the yellow really pops on the uniforms. As a request, try and predict the future with the Rams!
  8. Old Dominion looks great! I really love that hockey set, reminds me of the original Vegas Gold Penguins uniforms. Excellent job!
  9. I really love the double-blue look, I wish more teams would use it. Great Job, man!