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  1. And then they put them on the new jerseys
  2. This is sounding a lot like the Kings’ 90 jerseys.
  3. If only they wore those for the majority of the 90s and only 2 years in the 80s.
  4. I just hope the Preds and Stars pull a Capitals 2015 Winter Classic on us and give us fauxback jerseys
  5. boy, do I have good news for you.
  6. Ooh, nice work. The only thing I dislike is the shoulder patch on the home and away, maybe a recolored alternate logo would work better?
  7. I love everything about this, feels like an amazing combination of eras!
  8. Absolutely beautiful, the inclusion of white is really what made the home reach its full potential
  9. The Penguins design is incredible, but there should be white on the home. Other than that tiny complaint, it looks incredible. It’s like a combo of their last two Stadium Series jerseys and their home and away set. I love it!
  10. I guess someone didn’t learn from the 2018 Stadium Series.
  11. Amazing work! I love the unique take on even the Original Six teams, Boston looks great! I would love to see Pittsburgh next.
  12. This is from Vegas’s new “membership group?” Maybe that logo will provide a hint for the future third jersey?
  13. Ooh, these are fantastic! Can I get: Penguins Home Jersey Golden Knights Away Jersey Rams Throwbacks, #20 Michigan Home Jersey, #20 Indians Red Alternates Nationals Blue Alternates from Last Year, #20
  14. Twitter says it was a specialty logo for Nevada Day.
  15. I just want Mr. Redlegs for the Reds. Other than that, great job with this series, keep it up!