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  1. I've been thinking of a semi-pro football league to be a streamed league through both YouTube and a streaming service. The story I've crafted in my head is that of a young entrepreneur fed up with the rules in the NFL, the lack of proper safety concerns for players, and a strong feeling that the entire league has lost any sense of sportsmanship. This young man is named Bryce Ganett, fresh out of Kelly School of Business grad school at IU and former football player for the Hoosiers. He, like many former players, loves the game and wanted to continue to play, however he knew his playing days were behind him. While in school he had worked towards a sports management degree with an intent to help fix the broken professional leagues in the USA. However, he soon realized that this task was impossible. So a vision began to form in his mind, and it was a footbal league that competes in the spring with semi-pro talent, at first. Bryce understands that a league isn't created overnight, nor could a start up league ever compete with the NFL. So it wouldn't. So, the United Associations of Football (UAF) was born. If anyone is interested, I'm looking for an artist to work with for the project. I'm good at crafting a story, but I can't create art to save my life. I have a timeline in place and cities/team name ideas ready. If anyone would like to work together, you can dm for info. I'd really like to work on this, so please, consider working me.
  2. Literally nothing to complain about here, they fixed the one issue I had with the redesign. 9.2/10, still not a fan of the newer logo.
  3. Although it's incredibly simple; I do actually enjoy this new uniform, and I disagree with many here about making the Teal the primary jersey. I think the black and white with teal as an accent will do well with the rest of the AFC South, who 3/4 now have simplistic uniforms (Don't get me started on the Titans new uniform). I wish the pants had color on them tho, something like "stripe" that the Nike U of C Berkeley unis had, which I always thought the old unis copied. Also, I wish the numbers had outlines, Teal for the black and white jerseys, and black for the teal jersey. Overall the uniform gets around a 8.2/10 because I like the simplistic nature, but they could've done a little bit more to make it different from the previous set.
  4. So that Adidas can ruin yet another solid look, hooray....
  5. I really like the improved Fort logo, not entirely sold on the pheonix/eagle addition though, but great work nevertheless. Just as a side note, we have an Air National Guard unit here, and the air guard logo is much better and would resonate better with FW natives because they are much more a part of the community than the Army National Guard unit is.
  6. I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion, but I really like the UAB's alt
  7. I was talking about monochrome lol, but I get understand what you mean
  8. I don't think that the either of the uniforms look too bad, I kind of expected with Nike running the NFL and controlling a large share of the NCAA schools, ideas are bound to cross over, and now we have college color rush, I can almost guarantee that this will not be the only ones this season
  9. I think those are some interesting unis, if only Memphis could get a new stadium though...
  10. If they dropped the shoulder caps and just had the text on the front without the panther logo, that'd be a sharp, clean look, and I think they're another team that a BFBS uni set actually looks good.
  11. I knew it was a template already, but I think that for being one it actually looks really good, better than most Group of 5 schools and better than some of the Power 5 unis, it's like the template unis that FAU used from Addias with feathers on the sleeves, it looked good because it fit the "theme" of the school and the colors were sharp, and that's the same thing I love about NT's new unis.
  12. Well, we got something right for the 2nd half the season here in FW lol
  13. I know this is essentially just a template set, but damn I love NT's new uniforms, it's quite a step up and honestly it's better than some of the Power 5 Nike uniforms, and I can honestly say that for once I enjoy a BFBS set, so props to NT for doing it right in a sea of bad generic and bad custom uniforms.
  14. Those Fort Wayne unis look sharp, I'd say place the "FW" on the helmet straight