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  1. I agree with everything except what is in bold, the hard salary cap forces this with teams frequently having to dump players which, in theory, does balance the league out more. In that light, it's a matter of the club signing the right players to fit their system and with their other players which means it falls more on good team management and less on individual player talent. I would also say, imo, that hockey is a sport where luck is very present in how a player performs on a night-by-night basis, so sometimes it can feel like a random simulation. However, if you're more a fan of the league and less of a specific team, this comes off as more enjoyable. I love the Blues, but I love the sport of hockey more; so I watch not just Blues games, but any game that is on, and I'd rather see all the teams doing "well" then just a handful of top-market teams dominate everyone else. On the note of the NFL, there's mostly parity, but it really comes down to good coaching and management. The Patriots are the ultimate example of not always having the best talent, but having a coach that knows how to utilize their players to their fullest potential to win. Now that the Browns are being coached well and management seems competent, they have a higher chance to win despite having had just as talented teams in the past. One final note is that IF the MLB & NBA had hard caps, I believe it'd create the same dynamic that the NHL has experienced since 2012.
  2. Ya'll need to chill, never romanticized or advocated for it, literally just thought it was interesting. Having an interest in something doesn't mean you advocate it. I have an interest in alternate history, especially explorations of different outcomes of war. Saying a world where say the Nazis won is an interesting concept to explore, doesn't mean I advocate or endorse Nazism, just that as an avid historian I enjoy exploring alternate paths to their fullest. Same concept applies here, just because I enjoy exploring the potential of a different system for a sport doesn't mean I want it implemented. The only thing I said about it was that it could hypothetically address the parity issues in the US. Chill, peace out
  3. These look sharp to me, simple yet unique in my mind. At least with it being that light grey, I would think during games it'd be fairly unnoticeable.
  4. Am I in the minority stating that the Adidas logo placement on the jersey throws off my liking the uniform? I really like the look, but the logo just draws me away from everything else on the jersey.
  5. Or its a way of saying; I was looking at pro/rel from hypothetical way (it is an interesting concept) and everyone else was taking it as me stating that I fully desired it in our leagues. Not to mention, some of you stated very clearly that you believed that parity wasn't good. So, knowing we'd never reach an agreement on that so I peaced out on the argument.
  6. I mean, it is technically due to DH rule. I'm done talking in circles about this; some real mental gymnastics are taking place to justify lack of parity.
  7. ^The MLB actually is two separate leagues I agree with you wholly, and I would say I don't believe its possible really at all either. But it is interesting to think about and explore on a conceptual level. I would say also that for the monopolies; it is a consequence of the developmental history and entrenched perception of sports leagues in the United States. Our systems of youth, college, semi-pro, and professional are not set-up to really support blurring the lines between them. Like in the US, an 18 yr old high school QB is not going to be anywhere close to a 26 old NFL QB in terms of talent. Soccer has the benefit of a unique age parity, 17 yr olds being able to compete with 20+ yr olds, so I still think the system could in theory be applied to the MLS. All that in mind, I would say that economics forced a monopoly on a sport to occur because running a league isn't cheap and profit margins are very important for long-term stability; if you need further examples of that, I highly suggest reading about the economics of MLB & NFL when they were in their infancy. I believe in a hypothetical situation where stadiums are not publicly funded, modern capitalism doesn't occur to box out small markets, and cost of entry isn't as high; you could have promotion/relegation occur in that sport, but outside of concepts, it is not possible in the US due to this and a lot of other factors.
  8. Monopoly: a commodity controlled by one party College football is a fundamentally different product then the NFL, I'm sick of people saying that if you think the NFL is unbalanced and lacking parity, just watch college football instead You could make an argument for AAA baseball being comparable to the MLB, but only in experience, not actual game-play NBA compared to the G-League, not even close; game-play is much slower and the experience is drastically different NHL to AHL play is comparable due to the play, and to be honest the best AHL teams would still likely lose to the worst NHL teams We tend to look at sports leagues differently, then companies that deal in more tangible products like manufactured goods, services, etc. but we seem to forget that the professional sports league is selling its product to the consumers. There is some competition among the leagues due to being in the same general industry but in terms of comparable products they don't provide the same stuff. The NFL does not sell the same product as the MLB, just as Nintendo does not sell the same product as Comcast-Universal despite being in the same entertainment industry, none of these are competing against each other to provide the exact same product to the consumer. I've never said it would necessarily simple to do this for our leagues, just that it would be a hypothetical way to force parity in the leagues. I genuinely do not care if the teams suffer losses in profit, I care about the consumers, fans, getting the best product.
  9. I agree to a point, but we don't really have an ideal system in the US either tho. In our system, since the concept of "professional" sports are monopolized to box out competition, there's no accountability or consequences for failure. So you have organizations that are just terrible and continue to be terrible with no change because they still profit even if it hurts the parity of the leagues. In a system where they fear being relegated to a lower tier, i.e. less money, they'd ideally strive to be better every year. I know its all unlikely, but its at least it's an idea to get out of the stagnant low parity we have. It may not benefit the clubs or players, but it would certainly benefit the fans.
  10. Lack of parity and greedy owners is catching up with them https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/07/15/nfl-nba-nhl-mlb-sports-teams-running-out-of-fans/39667999/
  11. I mean, I don't believe that the monopolies will hold up for more than 20 more years, the league's are struggling....except the NHL & MLS......and that's why they're all doing blatantly greedy things to keep a solid profit margin. Low attendance is has to be really hurting the MLB & NBA as far as the numbers I've seen.
  12. I think we've muddied the definition of a Ponzi Scheme in this thread, and no I don't think MLS is one, and they're actually probably the only ethical league in the USA. I really don't ever see them hustle cities the way the big four do, and as far as I know, most of their stadiums are mostly or wholly privately funded. I'd like to clear up how we're describing shady (fraudulent) tactics by leagues and teams; if they don't exist and never do, it's a Ponzi Scheme, if they do exist just don't deliver what's promised, it's a hustle.
  13. ^Kinda like when people complain about companies, then still buy their product lol I think its the latter though, because of the sports worship here in the US, people will complain only to quietly sit back down in the seats to watch *insert team*
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