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  1. Well this was some time ago a lot has changed as well as my address but I will continue this thread!
  2. Wanted to try my hand at a rivalry concept of US Naval Academy. The color comes from the Famous color HAZE GRAY that was used on military ships to camouflage them from enemies the helmets are meant to be satin finished just as the non reflective paint used and the star insignia was used on Naval War Planes during WWII. Can't wait to hear suggestions and constructive criticisms. Applications used for this project were Illustrator and Photoshop. Templates were created by Doug Houvener and Chris Mauerer
  3. Sorry that this thread was left in limbo. I actually started an internship after this thread. Now that I'm graduated (ODU 17 GO MONARCHS!) I will resume with NYU
  4. Just wanted to do some concept uniforms for non-football schools please feel free to post your own concepts the first school is VCU which is blasphemous for an ODU Alum but I like their color scheme and mascot. I tried to keep the uniforms simple to kind of match their basketball unis. All credit for the template goes to Doug Houvener!
  5. Duplicate Thread Please Delete
  6. Player Branding rarely reaches the point where it becomes so popular and recognizable that it becomes its own stand alone brand. One player who has done this is Michael Jordan. So you're a hot young creative designer tasked with creating branding for a player that would rival 23. Show us what you got! Any Athlete, Any Parent Company, Any Pro Level Sport. Logos, Branding, etc If you can design shoes/ Cleats DO IT. Really dig in and get creative!
  7. Delmarva v. Norfolk Trouble on the Bay CLICK THE LINK! Comp 1.mp4
  8. UNIS! Featuring The Throwback, Shellshock, Home, and Away
  9. I'm going to use that for something else I was looking at vintage logos and really liked the sailor hats they wore
  10. TOTAL rebranding for Norfolk University from the Blue Dragon/Eagle/Turtle Incident tried to give the team a more classic look.
  11. Trying to get that 60's vintage college feel for the primary logo its not translating tho