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  1. I agree with others on the triangle, but I do like the look of the B. Would the B work with the circle and spokes to keep the "hub" look?
  2. Just an idea , but how about something space based for Cleveland, due to the states ties to NASA/ space exploration. Perhaps something like the Cleveland Cosmos or Comets?
  3. Love the Rays concept, especially the stirrups. not sure if they would do something like this, but I hope they do.
  4. I really love the use of the GW bridge on the Red Bull's kit. It looks great and it has meaning behind it, and really adds to the kit.
  5. Amir Johnson wears #90 for the Celtics, even though he wore 15 last year in Toronto. As a general rule, I don't think basketball players should wear numbers above the 50's (with a few possible exceptions for numbers like 99)
  6. @Mikey_Meatballs I saw your concept of the loggers and really liked it. Because there isn't another spot open, I was wondering if you wanted to help me with the Boston Beacons, seeing as this is my first concept. This is what I have so far;
  7. Whatever you do, just don't leave Chapman in!
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