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  1. Wait that court is a downgrade. Taking away the purple sucks a lot.
  2. Yeah I agree with all the sentiments in here. At least it’s better than the last set.
  3. As a Miami Hurricanes and Heat fan, I don’t like this at all lmao. Regardless if it’s Irish flag inspired or not.
  4. Haven’t kept up with any jersey news in a while. Just curious, the Rams getting new uniforms without gold next year?
  5. Thread was just made about it.
  6. The logo is so boring and corporate. I miss city themed logos like what the NBA All Star game or WrestleMania does.
  7. I live in atl, but not a falcons fan at all, but boy am I excited for this change. Their past look was soooo dated. The cardinals need to be next because their look is even worse.
  8. The Heat strike again also love Boston’s jerseys a lot.
  9. All they really had to do was flip the colors on the white, grey and black. The blue looks great.
  10. Seriously I’m tired of these “bring back the teal!!!” Marlins fans. As I said before, I own 2 retro Florida Marlins jersey. I love the teal! But they do NOT need to go back. Progress and move on.
  11. My Heat look great. I’d say these are my favorite jerseys of all time tbh
  12. We don’t need teal. I own a teal Florida Marlins jersey along with the white version, but the blue they use would be just fine.