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  1. Yeah! those actually don't look half bad. Just gotta put some stripes on the sleeves and pants. Then they would look really nice
  2. 1. Toronto Raptors. You had a team with a unique color scheme, (purple/red/black) cool looking modern uniforms and a fun logo but, you change all of that for a color scheme that a vast majority of the league wears (red/black), boring uniforms and a logo that while admittedly decent, is inferior to their previous one. 2. Atlanta Hawks. When I first saw little snippets of their logo, I liked what I was seeing. People have been clamoring for their "pac-man" logo for so long. The logo still looks fantastic it is just everything else that is terrible. Crappy uniforms that even an ACC team would laugh at and an ugly color scheme that really wants to appeal to kids and teenagers a la Seahawks/Thunder. 3. Tampa Bay Rays. They have a great color scheme (I am a sucker for double blue sports uniforms) but, their identity is incredibly bland. They had a really cool name ( Devil Rays) and a dope logo but, they had ugly uniforms so to compensate for that they give us the world's most boring baseball uniforms and a logo that is just as boring.
  3. Always loved Blue and Green but, I want to see more teams use this particular shade of blue and green
  4. I always felt these looked a little too busy. I usually enjoy pinstripes on basketball uniforms but, these just look like a mess
  5. Best Twins Uni I would rather the Twins adopt light blue as one of their colors instead of gold.
  6. Sounds like a cool idea. A unique animal mascot and they maintain the Illini name. My only gripe is the logo, it looks kind of awkward
  7. Least Favorites - Sleeved Jerseys (Just no. I get they were trying to make jerseys to make big people feel better about wearing a jersey but, as someone who is pudgy I got no problem just wearing a T-shirt under my jersey) - BFBS ( this isn't the 90s anymore) - Increased attempts at making new uniforms "modern" ( all it does is just make your uniform incredibly dated in a few years time. I am looking at you Browns and Buccaneers) - Color Rush ( some were dope like Minnesota's and the Patriots' but, the rest were trash) Favorite - Updates of classic looks ( thank you Vikings, Blue Jays and Oilers. This is how you make new uniforms.)
  8. They look like something a D-list Batman villain would wear
  9. Yup as someone born in Minneapolis, I do follow the Wild quite a bit. I just wish they weren't like the only team that used such an awesome color scheme in the 4 major sports
  10. I am happy for the Hawks and their recent success but, I also kind of regret it only because these uniforms are going to stick around for a while.
  11. Brown in general I think is a very underused color but, I would love to see Brown/Red a lot more often it is a very cool color scheme. I could have sworn Cornell wore brown but I am not sure. Black/Pink/Light Blue. I wish the Marlins went all in on the Miami Vice color scheme rather than half doing it with a shade of red. Either that or the Heat embrace their Miami Vice uniforms full time. Green/Red. I love Christmas colors. I think the Bucks biggest mistake was abandoning this uniform for the green and cream.
  12. I think I would add the Kansas City Chiefs to this conversation after their big win at Super Bowl IV and a playoff appearance in 71, they went through a decade of irrelevance, another decade of irrelevance and an era of marty ball where they couldn't beat the Bills despite having a team filled with talent. a period where they had vermeil and a amazing offense but all the defense of wet paper. They bought into the Matt Cassel hype and paid for it now they are stuck in a position where they play like beasts in the regular season but lose to teams they should beat in the playoffs
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