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  1. I think I would add the Kansas City Chiefs to this conversation after their big win at Super Bowl IV and a playoff appearance in 71, they went through a decade of irrelevance, another decade of irrelevance and an era of marty ball where they couldn't beat the Bills despite having a team filled with talent. a period where they had vermeil and a amazing offense but all the defense of wet paper. They bought into the Matt Cassel hype and paid for it now they are stuck in a position where they play like beasts in the regular season but lose to teams they should beat in the playoffs
  2. Vikings: TJ Clemmings the dude couldn't block for crap. I remember his name more than any o-lineman because I keep screaming every time Bradford got sacked or pressured Twins: Byron Buxton just because of all the hype he got and the small payoff he gave.
  3. Your raise your Deacon in san diego and I give you Deacon in washington
  4. apparently they have something of a rivalry with Iowa and Wisconsin and they are trying to start one with northern illinois granted this is from wikipedia so take it how you want to
  5. Showtime And something that didn't need to be changed
  6. Goofy old school style collar notwithstanding this is actually a pretty solid look that just got the stank of the sox late 70s dark age stuck on them
  7. This practically fits the dictionary definition of eyesore.
  8. I am going to have to disagree I think their uniforms are great
  9. There is not really a scheme I outright hate. the only one I guess I am not too fond of is red and blue but, that has less to do with any particular taste but, rather how ubiquitous it is especially in baseball
  10. Light Blue and Red and Christmas colors ( I am a sucker for the holiday season)
  11. At least they will have uniforms without weird looking yellow numbers or at least I am hoping that will be the case
  12. I always thought predators sounded kind of weak.... '
  13. HOLY CRAP that fall looks terrifying. At least he is alright but, they should try to exercise more caution when hanging onto the rims
  14. Perhaps so but, considering that their attempts to design uniforms "to appeal to the fans" have resulted in this and I kinda don't trust athletes or staff with uni designs they would probably be better off with that option
  15. As much as I love the Vikings and my fellow fans we do have a nasty habit of being a bunch of homers " WE HAV DE BEST DE FENCE EVAR" though I am not sure if this also applies to lot of other fan bases but, some do perceive as quite ignorant of anything outside of Minnesota. Oh and we refer to our rivals by childish nicknames like "Fudge Packers", "Kittens" and "Da Bums" ( though again I think this applies to other fan bases
  16. D-Rose just got signed to the Wolves and just in time for the Celtics game. with him, Butler, Aaron Brooks, Taj Gibson and Coach Thibodeau. The Wolves are like a sanctuary for ex-Bulls
  17. Have they tried just hiring some designers to come up with uni concepts and have the fans vote for them?
  18. I actually like these more than the showtime unis.
  19. I would actually like Memphis to keep the name Grizzlies. Instead I would want them to change their look, go for a more wilderness theme with their unis rather than a cool, laid back Memphis blue look. Something like brown and red perhaps? it makes sense considering there are bears in Tennessee (granted they are black bears but, Memphis Black Bears doesn't have a good ring to it)
  20. Provided they get no opposition from those dudes in Detroit, this would be kind of a cool major league design
  21. Simplified but, not in a bad way. Me likey
  22. One of my childhood favorites in the modern day rockets uniform.
  23. I actually would prefer if they went back to just having an A on the jersey it is what people mostly refer to them as and it just looks better. I also wouldn't mind a switch back to a lighter shade of green