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  1. Knowing how the Chargers' organization is ran, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't aware of this.
  2. So power blue against navy blue? Seems.....odd. I mean, it's cool to see color on color, but it's just two shades of blue...
  3. Yes, they wore the powder blues during a playoff game (can't remember if it was a Wild Card or Divisional round game). In the Super Bowl though, I think you have to wear your regular uniforms.
  4. Isn't the NFC team the designated home team this year? I would think that Green Bay or Atlanta would wear their standard home uniforms.
  5. Not sure if it's allowed here, but the Chargers have unveiled their new logo. Looks very "meh" in my opinion.
  6. I hope in week 17 the Titans wear the Columbia Blue/ white combo that they wore against Miami.
  7. Because as Twitter would say, black unis are "straight fire" or "on fleek". Personally, I think the following would be great substitutes for black unis. -49ers shouldn't have a black uniform (gold would be a better alternate as it is a main color for them). -Jags should go back to wearing teal full time. -Bengals orange jerseys should be the primary. -Eagles should use Kelly Green uniforms as an alternate throwback uniform.
  8. I feel like the Ravens are one of the only teams in the league that can and SHOULD have black uniform alternates.
  9. I thought the Rams announced they would wearing throwbacks against the 49ers this week.
  10. When I first heard the Texans were doing red over blue, I thought it was going to look pretty ugly. But, after seeing some pictures, I would support Hopkins' request to make these the permanent home uniforms.
  11. Anyone else notice one of the horns on Aaron Donald's helmet looked like it was coming off?
  12. I'm willing to bet that wearing the throwback helmets for this game was an idea that some guy in the front office thought of last week and everyone else thought it was a sleek look.
  13. I agree. For their away Color Rush unis, They should have ditched the gold.
  14. Holy hell those Seahawks uniforms look pretty bright. I feel like they're the only team that took the Color Rush concept seriously.
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