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  1. Mac Jones is looking good today. If the RBs could stop fumbling and the OL would stop getting penalized, the Patriots would probably be in a better spot in the game right now.
  2. I can't unsee the white area under the moon as an exposed jock strap.
  3. Blue Jackets have traded Cam Atkinson to the Flyers for Jakub Voracek.
  4. Are there any good defensemen in the free agent market this summer? The Bruins’ blue line was annihilated by the Islanders during the playoffs and I’m afraid they’ll be schlepping out the same defense next season. I’m not down for another “next year the prospects are gonna be SO GOOD” situation.
  5. If the picks are true, then Boston came out with a best-case scenario (which could have also applied to them selecting Nick Ritchie) by selecting Jeremy Lauzon. Thank you, Seattle. Thank you.
  6. If Seattle takes Nick Ritchie I will buy a Kraken hat as thanks.
  7. It's a fine jersey, but if I didn't know any better and saw it quickly, I'd think it was for the Rochester Americans.
  8. I looked quick and thought the Prince of Wales banners were the Division Championship ones, which I believe they have/did have. The President Trophy and Division Winner banners are dumb.
  9. Damn, I hate those banners. They look incredibly stupid next to the Stanley Cup banners and the iconic retired number ones. Just silly to need to recognize those mediocre accomplishments.
  10. Shucks! Mine was supposed to arrive around the same time, but still showed as "Pending" back then and up to now. Guess I'll keep an eye on the mail...
  11. Did you guys receive your order yet? Mine is still showing up as "Pending" on FedEx.com and only says the information was sent to Adidas, but no confirmation is was actually shipped yet. I've contacted Adidas about it, but they said to hang tight and let them know if I haven't received it by Friday. Ten days seems like a long time to wait, but maybe July 4th is a busy time for the delivery business? I'm not well enough versed with either FedEx or the shipping business to really be upset over it.
  12. This is a local brewery a few towns from me. I absolutely love the logo. In a world of bad craft brewery logos, CT Valley Brewing nails it!
  13. And Cole Caufield. Try as I might, it's going to be very hard to hate on a small winger who balls out like he does.
  14. As a Bruins fans, I should probably be rooting against the Canadiens, but I find myself....not doing that. Hockey is probably the one sport where I can watch any team win the championship and enjoy it. Not sure what causes that; perhaps also having the childhood dream of lifting the Stanley Cup so seeing anybody else do it is a pleasing feeling? I don't know. Hopefully it's a good series. I didn't watch much of the Lightning/Stars last season, but hoping to catch some SCF games this season. I hope fans of both teams on the board enjoy it!
  15. Legend! Thank you!
  16. Anybody know if there is a place to snag Roger Clemente's NHL numbers and letters? The HJC blog used to have a hookup to Photobucket with them all, along with updated ones, but I cannot locate a link. Any help?
  17. Not sure if this counts as a "thrift store gem" but Adidas is currently having a sale on a ton of authentics. A few of them at 40%, plus use EXTRA20 for an additional 20% off the order. https://www.adidas.com/us/men-hockey I just scooped up a Bruins reverse retro jersey which I've wanted since I saw them come out for $90. Looks like they have the Oilers, Islanders, Predators, and Maple Leafs reverse retros left, along with a smattering of random home and away jerseys. Let me know if you snag anything!
  18. I'm honestly trying to find the words to describe what I just witnessed with the Bruins and I...I just can't. In a usual game, teams will collectively make 2-3 bonehead mistakes each period. It seemed like the Bruins were making 2-3 mistakes per shift. Not even crazy complicated mistakes either - just basic stuff like foolishly stick-handling in front of your own net or suddenly not being able to catch a pass. Plus, I cannot get over the lack of urgency. Five shots in the third period? Of an elimination game when you're down by two? Gross. I guess it didn't help that they played most of the third like they were trying to protect a 1-goal lead... The Bruins were scared. It's sort of silly when commentators or fans of other teams talk about the Bruins being a "big, mean, physical" team when that persona has been long extinct. Most of the Bruins tonight looked absolutely petrified to touch the puck. Same problem got them in the Cup Finals against St. Louis a few years back. It's as if the team is going out of their way to find people who look big and physical, yet aren't once the puck drops. Hell, if Nick Ritchie was 5'10" or shorter would have never even sniffed Junior hockey, never mind the NHL. It's going to be an interesting offseason. I think a lot of what we're seeing as problems within the Bruins comes from coaching and upper management. Lack of depth, motivation, etc. However, I can't see them tossing Neely and Sweeney out of town. They'll probably tweak a few things, convince the fans that Jake DeBrusk is (finally) going to turn a corner in his career, and sign some guy from the fourth line of another team and the personalities on WEEI will pretend to know hockey for the Bruins designated three minutes and be all excited about it. Then back to talking about how the Celtics are going to be a dynasty in 2-3 years again... Time for NHL "hibernation!" Best of luck to the Islanders. They are a very good team and I hope they go far. Take down the Lightning!
  19. That was easily one of the worst periods of hockey I’ve ever seen a team play - and I’ve watched a LOT of Hartford Whalers games. Their hockey IQ is non-existent. The Islanders are in their face, playing a great game, and the Bruins have done nothing to respond to that. They’re playing with absolutely no heart. They had a great first ten minutes, but now they’re over thinking everything and I believe this game could easily be 6-1, 7-1 right now. One more period to see what happens, but the teams needs an overhaul, starting at the top, and I hope it happens this summer.
  20. And Don Sweeney’s gonna help the defense in the off-season by giving a few more million dollars to like Connor Clifton or something.
  21. Color me surprised; I know it's happened before the delay of game penalty they assign today but never remember anybody getting penalized for it prior. Learn something new everyday.
  22. Was that ever a problem though? Teams intentionally flipping it out of play and into the stands? No, it wasn’t. You’re 100 times more likely to just ice the puck if your team is tired, not flip it into the stands. There is a clear difference too between when it’s done intentionally and not intentionally. Considering a referee shouldn't make a decision based on what they think the intention was, the rule should be thrown out.
  23. All teams have had and will have good calls to benefit their team and bad calls to handicap their team. It's what happens when humans are referees.
  24. Once again, the “delay of game” penalty for flipping it into the stands, whether intentional or not, is the worst rule ever thought of by the brain trust at the NHL. Get rid of it. It “solved” a problem that never existed. EDIT: 5 goals. On 19 shots. At home. Sigh.
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