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  1. Way to continue to support a player who's no longer on your team. Move on. Nothing new here. And so have the Rams...
  2. I really like that NBC score bug. Sweet simple, and most important readable. Why the hell do you need the records of the teams on the score bug? That can be left for coming in and out of commercial breaks. Hell, I even think logos are a waste of space on a score bug, but I know that wont go over well here
  3. With the talk about the WVU Athletic Department sucking wind because of travel costs, I can't imagine what adding schools in Florida would do. It's not as problematic for football, per se, but I'm sure the athletic budgets of every school not called Sooners or Longhorns will be stretched with basketball road trips that stretch from Lubbock, TX to Ames, IA out to West Virginia and then down to Florida. It's like traveling to March Madness every week. Not sure travel distance should be a concern for the Big X(II) when you have the B1G stretching from Nebraska and Minnesota to New Jersey and Maryland. Plus the SEC EAST stretching from Missouri the Florida. It's the new nature of college athletics that we are getting from these super conferences. If the schools in the Big X(II) can't afford to do that then maybe they should just die off. It would make deciding the playoff a hell of a lot easier too.
  4. Splitting the Oklahoma teams in different divisions just wouldn't seem right. Which is what they would more than likely have to do if they want a championship game. Unless they bring in two more eastern or northern schools, or they do what the B1G did and split Texas and Oklahoma and name the divisions something stupid like "Spaghetti" and "Meatballs", and hope for two Red River Rivalries a year.
  5. Haven't seen the Vero Beach Devil Rays yet: Heading over to Japan you have the Chunichi Dragons script: Between Japan and Korea you have these two teams. Who share the same corporate ownership: I believe this American Association team is in the Phillies' script: And this could be a stretch, but would you say the current flames logo is a letter modified version of the ORIGINAL Flames logo?
  6. What the hell is that green guy supposed to be? A moldy burrito dressed as Davy Crockett?
  7. I guess I see your point. I gotta say as well. Have never seen a trainer get memorialized in any way by a team. Owners, GM's, broadcasters, or players yes, but what's the story on him?
  8. Wow. Do they really put up banners for players on the team who won gold medals in the Olympics? That just seems really dumb. They didn't win them for the Heat... they won them for the pride of their nation. Jeez. I'd like to see an NHL team try and do that Here's a serious question though: who would get the raise Shaq's number up in their rafters? Or has that happened already? I really don't follow the NBA.
  9. Sir Poop A Lot isn't necessarily wrong here. Plus look at his screen name.... I would think a knighted Poop A Lot would know what a butt hole in a washing machine would look like. Am I right?
  10. Looks like their sort of trying to mimic the orange rainbow jerseys. Except: 1) there's an orange stroke between each shade of orange and 2) it's at an angle. I'll pass judgement until I see some real pics, but looks like a slight downgrade to me. Also, what is that a patch of? It's hard to make out since it's the same color as the uniform...
  11. So much for my "Golden Win" I still have a little faith in this Rams team. And woof Mr. Fish... woof!
  12. Would anybody know where to find/if they make numbers for Telegraphico?
  13. Meanwhile the Rams are NOT playing like the Rams
  14. You can go ahead and say that with more confidence because you are correct, good sir. The NFL will only make an exception during the pre-season, but that's it. Here's a question though: What about a player like Brad Smith? I know he's worn 16 throughout his college and pro career, but he was technically a QB with the Jets. Was higher on the depth chart at QB than WR when Mangini was there.
  15. I kinda like that logo better than the one they use now.
  16. Please! Please! Please! Go with Moonshiners! Canaries would be a nice subtle nod to the mining industry too.
  17. Really liking that Nashville Sounds rebrand. Can't wait to see more. Cool take on the color palette. Thank goodness the Kitsap (What is Kitsap?) is getting a new logo. That thing is horribly dated.
  18. Just hop on the largest bandwagon in the universe: The CowboysYeah, see that's the thing, I'm not much of a bandwagon guy. I hate bandwagoners, in fact. I'm thinking of moving to Springfield or staying in Cape Girardeau after I graduate, so maybe the Chiefs are a viable option.Kind of in the same boat over here. Chiefs are certainly the most viable option, but I'm also thinking about the Panthers since I have family out there who are Carolina fans and visit there a lot. Plus I've always kind of like them ever since they came into the league.
  19. Man those 'RANGERS' scripts just look weird and awkward. It's like the outline couldn't decide to be just an outline or a drop shadow. Plus the shadow seems to be dropping opposite ways on some letters. WTF mate?
  20. LaGarrett Blount (sp?) didn't when he cold cocked that guy from Boise State a few years back. That Boise State player had it coming, though. You talk crap to a college kid that's known for having a short temper, you deserve what he delivers. Except Blount talked before the game about how Oregon "owed that team an ass-whooping." He was angry that he wasn't able to back up his talk and had a childish meltdown. The fault lies with him. You think Blount still takes a swing at that BSU player if he doesn't talk crap to Blount? People talk crap to each other all the time. Last I heard that wasn't against the law. Assaulting someone is. EDIT: Plus he had 60 minutes to hit anyone on the field he wanted to consequence free.
  21. I propose a coup/purge of our fearless Generalissimo
  22. Way to pull my leg there Mac. Pretty sure his was brought up in another thread, but pretty crazy how close they were to moving. Would love a Seattle-Vancouver rivalry in hockey.
  23. Already lots of parking space there too. Would probably be less expensive.
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