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  1. I really enjoy that Spurs uniform set! Really like the font and adoption of fiesta full time. Would like to see the font continue on the statement jersey though.
  2. Wow - this is such a fun and well executed series. You have nailed so many of these jerseys. My favorites so far are the Ducks in orange, the kachina striping in sand color on the H/A set for Arizona, the updated Senators logo, and full sets on Buffalo and Chicago! I like the San Jose set a lot, but I keep getting drawn to the whole shark logo. What does that look like on the H/A set?
  3. I love the end product - this was a lot of fun and can't wait to see what's next! I would love to see this set in the MLB.
  4. The lightest version on the Maroon for sure, (not WFT). I love the evolution of this set. The identity would be unique and certainly have it's very own place in the MLB. I love the maroon alternate and how the new gold lettering looks on the home and road. I'm really happy with that, because I did not want you to deviate from yellow lettering on those sets.
  5. I really enjoy this concept and the uniforms are great!! I am conflicted over the ball cap design. On one hand, I agree with some of the comments that a primary letter logo would look nice and sharp on the hat you have. On the other hand, I think our opinions are shaped by the homogenization of MLB teams caps. With the exceptions of the Orioles and Blue Jays all ball teams have letters for primary/cap logos. I think MLB would benefit from some more creative caps and teams using multiple hat designs is hopefully the future. Overall, I like the simple hornet you have designed. I think legs would help, and I also think you're missing a second wing on each side. For the roundel, maybe play with adding to the white background. Honeycomb? Checkered? Crowns? Incorporate the throwback logo into the roundel, somehow sublimated? I don't know I am just spit balling here. This is a fun concept, excited to see it evolve too.
  6. Not saying the Bulls should change their jersey font, but I would like to see what the jerseys look like with your font. Arched or not, either way. Most Bulls concepts keep the status quo with the association and icon sets that I would like to see what a different font might look like. Great series btw - been a fun follow.
  7. Aready a good start with solid execution on realignment and a nice teaser preview.
  8. I love this Angels concept. I have always thought they should adopt the red and gold (yellow) look. I never thought of keeping navy though as a tertiary color and it looks great in the subtle ways you used it. I love the alternate script mark too. I would like to see what it looks line on the updated color scheme in addition to the Cooperstown set.
  9. This is nothing short of FANTASTIC. I love the brand, the flexibility in the brand, the fonts, the uniform updates (the thinner lines on the jerseys but thicker on the helmet). And the presentation is just great. Excellent work - would love to see more full brand projects like this!.
  10. Really enjoy this modernization. My favorite logo is the same one you picked (same dolphin and sun) but with the helmet. I really like that sun.
  11. I would like to see this concept on some other templates - the video game is just tough for me. I'm in love with the brand, logos and word marks though. The flower imagery is great. I actually enjoy the two different "R"s in the word mark. Definitely provides some character to the brand. The city pride jersey is a bit much for me, but everything is so beautiful I think it adds to have something so funky.
  12. I echo the sentiments on the logo. It's a good direction, just needs some finesse - play with it and see what happens. The uniforms though... DAMN - love them. They feel classic and new at the same time. I have never been a fan of Dallas' current set for some reason - just always seems bland.
  13. I would outline the grey nameplate if you want to keep that color. Name plate is definitely lost on the white jersey and close to be on the blue. Overall - nice concept - love the striping.
  14. I dig the Bengals concept. They really need to go simple if they are going to keep striping on the uniform. The striping PLUS the bizarre paneling they have now just doesn't work IMO.
  15. I definitely think the line weight and text spacing is an upgrade and makes the logo very uniform and a bit more modern. My two favorite parts of the upgrade are the indent at the top of the bulls skull and the removal of the outline on the blood on the tip of the horns.
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