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  1. I disagree - I think the current Browns look is just a few steps away from being really good. If they reign in the stripe size on the jersey, size down the wordmark and continue the stripes on the pants all the way down you have a really, really solid look. The problem is Nike went a little too overboard and it's kind of a mess right now, but I think there are good elements there like the brown face mask and the overall boldness.
  2. The only real prevalent rumors I can think of is the possibility of Detroit dropping black and the Titans GM or Owner entertaining a possible uniform change in the future. That's the main reason I really like Color Rush - the NFL is so stupid with their years-long process to change uniforms that Color Rush is really the only way we get new uniforms to talk about save for the rare throwback like the Falcons just did.
  3. I dig the Falcons! I agree that they're perhaps a touch too simple, but the Falcons' actual jerseys are way too busy so I don't think simple is a bad thing here. I wish the font were a bit blockier but that's just a personal thing - the more rounded font looks fine, too.
  4. I agree - a lighter shade of green (if not straight up kelly green) and replacing that font with something maybe a touch blockier would make for a fantastic looking set. I think the design of their uniforms is alright with the contrasting collar and the logo on the sleeves, but midnight green just doesn't work for me.
  5. True, but I really wish Chicago and Green Bay had been a little more inventive with their uniforms. I get that they're two traditional teams who don't like the gimmick stuff and that's fine, but given the league's ridiculous uniform rules that prevent teams from doing much of anything to change the without years of waiting it would've been cool.
  6. According to Patrick Smyth's, the Vice President of PR stuff for the Broncos, Twitter the Broncos are going with blue tops and white pants after all, I like the monochrome blue look, but it would be too much blue against a team like the Texans.
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