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  1. I'm hoping the Royal Canadian Dragoons can stick around and keep up that result. ?? I'm with @TheHealthiestScratch though - that current playoff format is kind of a dud; it makes sense for the time period but I hope it gets phased out relatively soon.
  2. I absolutely love Boston's third jerseys, the rest of them are very 90's, but the red jersey finishes a fantastic set and I hope the Bulldogs keep them around for a very long time. How is their championship window looking as the PHL approaches the new millennium? I'm hoping I can see a Lewis Cup or two in my early childhood. ?
  3. I love the taste of salt. ? I have to say that your team's template translates really well to Boston though.
  4. WHOOPS I QUOTED THE WRONG THING. I love the series though man keep up the awesome work, both of those Bruins sets look absolutely awesome. ?
  5. I made an account to follow this thread, and joined up right after the Bulldogs' 1971 Lewis Cup championship... and man, does it feel good to watch my team finally win a championship. ?
  6. David Appleby breaks the PHL scoring record and wins his fifth Lewis Cup in the same season... talk about a fairy-tale year for him. ?? Are the Bulldogs looking like a favorite to reach the Lewis Cup Finals next season?
  7. You say that the Concordes are better than the Bulldogs, but let's just remember that Boston is one of the original franchises in the PHL and has won the Lewis Cup six times; and the only thing the Concordes have been known for in their brief history are hideous jerseys and choking in the playoffs. ? I also have a question to the OP, are you going to keep posting and simulating once you hit the 2016-17 season or are you going to stop when you catch up to the present?
  8. I drew up this jersey for my "Be a GM" Mode in NHL 14, which is three years in the past (well since it's my second season I guess that I'm only two now haha) and in the game the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild are playing in the 2015 Winter Classic, which is why I used that patch. Can you tell me where the loose pixels in the equipment are though so I can go and fix that? I wound up finding the mistakes myself (and found out that the font I was using was super small, I apologize for that) and did my best to fix them by putting them in another image, that way the equipment wouldn't be shrunk and there wouldn't be any loose pixels. I would love to hear what anyone else thinks about this concept though.
  9. I'm in the second season of a "Be a GM" mode in NHL 14 - and yes I do still play NHL 14, mostly because it's better than NHL 15 and NHL 16, but I digress. The Winter Classic for that season takes place at TCF Bank Stadium between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild, and while the Blackhawks have a variety of old logos and uniforms they could use for this game, the Wild (established in 2001) don't have nearly as much to work with. I based a lot of this concept off of the Minneapolis Millers jersey from 1923-1925 ( and the Vancouver Canucks 2014 Heritage Classic jersey. I thought having numbers on the jersey was really important so I moved them to the shoulders; and actually wanted to have the captain's and assistant captain's letters in a Minnesota-shaped patch on the left sleeve, but it just made the jersey seem a little too cluttered. I've been a part of this website (using various e-mails) for a long time, but this is actually the first concept I've ever posted, so I would love to hear what everyone thinks of it.