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  1. The "L" in the lion's mane is a beautiful touch!
  2. the indians logo is an amazing compromise. something the media and the organization could get along with keeping it away from 'racism' well keeping the history of the indians in a pretty nice logo great work, but relaying everyone else the dodgers logo is well executed but seems forced, all the rest are great though!
  3. JS8

    LA Chargers Logo

    looks almost like a soccer crest. but i still like a lot compared to the bolt logo
  4. man i hate it when i see great concepts for horrendous teams and team moves that just shouldn't have happened, and then to top it off the team throws in a sloppy horribly put together rushed logo. thats the end of my Spanos rant. the concepts great btw
  5. really good design i struggled to find something wrong with it but i only i can think of is the helmet stipe being a little smaller other than that its great.
  6. I found these old logos i made when i was like 14 i mean they are not great, but for a 14 year old kid using an old ipad they were actually decent. i personally like the first one better. i might redo them. i think the colors of the second one would work better with the first.
  7. i agree with the second point but i don't know if this is something i'm misremembering but i think the NHL said they didnt want any gambling ideas but still theres enough difference between 'the aces' and 'the beatdown husbands who took a vacation to vegas with the boys and now can't afford the plane ride home' but i do agree 'the aces' is a much better name
  8. I feel like the indy fuel logo could use more red some where and the little dashes on the north western "N" is a bit awkward