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  1. Made some tweaks to the TB logo, I tried to incorporate the sunburst into the TB, it just did not fit. So I decided to change the color palette to a more natural green, dark and sky blue (colors often seen on the bay). I also redesigned a alternate ray logo that I saw on another members board in my own style, undecided if the ray logo would be used as a primary to make it stand out from the rest of the league.
  2. Tampa is next, I kind of struggled with Tampa's concept because it was hard to think of an idea that was out of the box since the Rays are actually sun rays instead of sting rays but anyways I digress to my logo concept. For this concept I wanted to stick with the same logo idea, but with better flow to it since the rays are a team that never seem to do anything extraordinary, but manage to always get the job done on the field and go with the flow. I think another major rebrand is in the future when the team finally decides to build another stadium, but for now the team is fine with the logo they have now it's just not the best out there for one of the newer teams in the league. Constructive Criticism is appreciated on this as I'm not 100% in love with it just yet.
  3. Atlanta is up next, The braves have also been scrutinized for their Indian logo so they changed it to the A Logo in '87 and they changed their script to have a tomahawk axe under the script which in my personal opinion works well. The A logo in my mind is pretty iconic so I did not want to change it much, I added a cream color and changed the A's left hand swash direction. Due to the minimal improvements that I made to this I also made a few improvements to the tomahawk, I added the cream color to the bands holding the axe together and I changed the handle to a more modern grip, but otherwise everything is pretty much the same.
  4. Last revision for the night, added some serif's to it, I think it plays nicely into the design and allows the viewer to see the H better.
  5. Yes it's just 3 separate elements, in response to your thoughts I changed it two different ways and cleaned up the presentation a little bit so it can be seen better, I personally like your thoughts on moving the point to the top the best. I also darkened the shading on the star a bit as well.
  6. Houston is next, Houston has tried a couple times within the last 20 years to rebrand their team, the problem is that there is not a lot of success behind the Astros (no offense to you Astros fans) and none of the logos have any good memories to them since there has been little success. So with my concept I took a literal straight forward approach. I took their current H logo and put a shooting star right through the middle of it to let the viewer have a sense of moving forward into the future. I may make revisions to this later tonight as I do not really like how the angle is on the end of the star stream. Give your thoughts on it as well and I'll look into your suggestions.
  7. Next up is the land, Cleveland had to change their logo to the C in 2014 due to the controversy that the chief wahoo logo was racist like the other many Indian logos in sports. The logo they use now is fairly similar to the logo they had when they first entered the league and gains some positive reviews and negative ones as well saying that it is just too simple. For my concept I personally like the simplicity of their current logo so I kept that and I added a cream stroke and a feather to give it a little extra depth. Not a huge change but I think it's enough.
  8. Back at it again, I decided to do the royals instead of the Indians because I liked the concept I had in my head for the royals. The Royals have had the same logo concept in the K and C since they have entered the league in '69. It's not a terrible logo, but to me it's a bit dated so I thought I'd change it a bit. My logo keeps the same K and C concept but modernizes the crown logo a bit to give it a little more style, I also tried to add a little bit of a hidden R in the K part. This logo would most likely be used as a cap logo but I would also keep the jersey logo relatively the same. Let me know what you guys think of this as I'm still kind of on the edge on how this looks.
  9. Rockies- The rockies are one of the newer teams in the league and they have great colors, personally I believe that with a little bit of tweaking to their current logo they could have one of the best and most original logos in the league. Below would be my concept for the mountain logo, I tried to keep this as simple and clean as possible but at the same time trying to keep a sleek look to it. I can make the letter logo if you guys would be interested in seeing that as well. Next up- Indians or Astros.
  10. Appreciate it, anything you would change to the dodgers, I have the white version too if you guys would like to see that.
  11. Dodgers- The classic look and feel of the dodgers logo can never be replaced, however if the dodgers were ever to adopt a new logo this would be my concept for it. I tried to keep the vintage serif LA look to it but I also tried to add a little bit more modern aggressive feel to it as well. Next up will be the Rockies.
  12. Hi All, My name is Brandon Johnson, otherwise known as hawkfan13 on here and I have decided to take up the challenge of redesigning all 32 team logos in the MLB. So far I have 2 done, the Brewers and the Dodgers. These are potential portfolio pieces for me so any advice and cc is appreciated. Thanks for looking Brewers- In my opinion, the logo they have now is getting stale, it has now been around for a year longer (16 years) then arguably their best logo the glove in the shape of a m and b, which would be used as a alternate logo. In this case I wanted to revise their current logo into a more modern sans serif version of it.
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