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  1. Hey gang, me again. As I mentioned off the top, I'm the Canadian Correspondent for the NeatO Gang, and a noted Jays fan. I've always loved the powder blue, and I wish they would do something different with it. (I was hoping they'd at least bring back throwbacks for the 40th.) Regardless, here's a new spin on the Jays!
  2. Thanks for reading! This thread gives me a nice break from the reality of the current state of Canucks hockey haha
  3. Next up for me is the Giants. I decided to go with the pullover and really embrace the colour rush by putting the Giants in all orange. I wanted to keep it simple though, and just throw in strokes of black and cream. Perfect for the California sun.
  4. I've been to Angels games many times, it's such a cool place to watch the game. I decided to bring some history into their design by putting the halo on the cap, and the California state silhouette patch on their arm.
  5. \ The Red Sox are a classic team that would be hard to convince to join such a campaign, but if they did they might want to use the navy blue that has become popular in their branding in recent years and spur that into a new alternate. Simple yet effective.
  6. I've been waiting on this one to post, due to how visually jarring it is. But I like to think of the D-Backs as the Jaguars of the bunch, willing to have a jarring uniform to spark a conversation about that franchise. With that in mind, I decided to make the Diamondbacks uniforms using the one colour in their repertoire that they haven't used as a primary in this set of uniforms: Turquoise. The Diamondbacks fully embraced the colour rush campaign.
  7. Next up for me is the Seattle Mariners. Being from Vancouver, Seattle has always been the local MLB team and though I am a devoted Jays fan, because Canada, I've always enjoyed the experience of seeing a game at Safeco, a truly beautiful ballpark. Some of my favourite sports memories have happened in that ballpark, so I definitely have a soft spot for them. They are moving into their 40th year, so I decided to go with their trademark teal and use "Seattle" on the front instead of "Mariners" like is typically on the teal uniform, to pay homage to the city. Another quirk is using the full Mariners logo on the cap, something they never do but, I've always wished they had.
  8. Hey gang, my name is Matthew, another key part of the NeatO Gang and a graphic designer in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. This is my first post on here but I've been a casual observer for a long time, and when Michael mentioned this project I definitely wanted to be on board. Starting with the A's, their colours are so beautiful and perfect for a colour rush campaign. They are the only team that can use true green as their colour, and the yellow accent is a perfect touch. Plus, I got the opportunity to use the incredibly rad elephant logo that they used as a spring training alternate for a few years.
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