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  1. Welcome back. It's a good start, but the two different greens aren't really working, nor the Statue of Liberty or the diagonal Jets wordmark. I think if you go for a more traditional NFL jersey style, like bigger numbers on the front and more details around the shoulders, you could have a really good design.
  2. I think a hat and pants for each jersey would go a long way to making the overall presentation look better. Good work though!
  3. I like it! Maybe you should do a road and alt jersey as well to tie it all together
  4. It’s a good start, but I would move the numbers on the front to the left a bit and shrink the name on the back a tad. You used the red well here, and I like how you incorporated the color more into the uniform
  5. I’m a huge fan of giving the Jazz a fresh look, but the colors you used kind of remind me of the New Orleans Hornets in the CP3 era.
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