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  1. I am a huge Illini fan and I love Chief Illiniwek but when I saw the Illinois Fighting Illini page, I noticed something weird, There is no primary logo from 1957-1988 and the Chief logo was retired in 2007, so how could it be a secondary logo till 2013... I am baffled and hoping that maybe someone can fix those mistakes.
  2. Monmouth College Fighting Scots (My Cousin's Alma Mater)
  3. Millikin Big Blue (My Dad's Alma Mater)
  4. We just had Division II conference logos added and there is suspicion of Division II team logos, why not Division III, i mean why not, we have D-I and D-II might be coming. D-III could show up and we might not even know it.
  5. This is an old logo for The University of California at Los Angeles or UCLA that I'm sure little to no one has seen in a long time and I hope with it being added to the website that people will be able to see the old logo again.
  6. These 2 Vintage Illinois Fighting Illini Logos are classic and should be added to the website to show we had a logo before the oldest on on the site from the 40's.
  7. Thanks for the warning, It's my first time posting on the forums.

  8. This logo isn't on the website and should be added because it is the logo that 'Nova had when they won their 1st National Championship.