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  1. Seems likely that Seattle Sockeyes and Seattle Steelheads are both in the running. It should be noted that no one has filed for a trademark for those names in relation to a hockey team as of yet. There is the romance novelist who has a trademark on Seattle Sockeyes for romance fiction print books and e-books. She also filed for a trademark on Seattle Steelheads for the same function back in January. So far, that trademark hasn't been registered. There were abandoned applications for Seattle Steelheads related to hockey. These were by the former (?) Microsoft attorney who appeared to want to squat on the trademark.
  2. Was gonna share this on Twitter, but this is a better platform for it. Ran with a couple of your concepts for kicks, Sparky. .
  3. There's actually a huge Norwegian culture and heritage in Seattle and Western Washington, not to mention the nautical/naval/fishing history, so it's not too hard of a stretch to connect the two. But it's not likely to be Kraken anyway.
  4. Not sure where the station is getting their info. From nearly all accounts, Kraken has been off the table for a while. Neither the team nor the NHL seem particularly keen on the name. As for the colors, it's notable that they didn't start using these colors until the team's official NHL team site went live. Prior to that, they were still using the generic black, white, silver/grey, and red. Considering all NHL team sites are dressed in team colors, I would lean more towards the side of these being the Seattle team colors than not.
  5. The Clippers officially changed their name to the LA Clippers. And Randy Newman doesn't officially represent the City of Los Angeles. Unless I missed an announcement along the way.
  6. To be fair, the LV Convention and Visitors Authority (tourism board) has been using "Vegas" to promote the city for years. In a way, it's already official. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is their official registered trademark.
  7. I think the logo is probably moving in the image.
  8. I believe that is Cadet Grey to go along with Foley's West Point obsession.
  9. While that would make sense, the lighting coming from the right side feels off from a design standpoint.
  10. Seeing the fuller picture of the logo, it's clearly a black ball cap.