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  1. When these first came out, I was not a fan. These really have grown on me and they are beautiful and unique but still classic.
  2. Again, very sexy. Nice base shade too. Way better than early 2000s. Shame it is the road alt, although I suspect that may change over time. People here in SD love this one.
  3. Reliable sources indicate that there is in fact trimming on collar and sleeves. We shall see though.
  4. Agreed and I think its because the letters are less angular and fat/wide. They have made the letters both skinnier and rounder and it helps a huge amount. I think the stubbiness of the old logo is why the P and S had to be larger. It made the whole think out of balance and not look right on the jersey...particularly the brown one.
  5. New Padres Wordmark from their site:
  6. The differences are less striking when the wordmark is arched but it is still a big improvement. It's much clearer and less puffy/angular. Subtle change but a nice one.
  7. Comparison of a new version of Padres word mark that showed up on their charity site (albeit as "COMPADRES") with their old wordmark. To me, its a big improvement. P, A, D and R are more rounded and all of the letters have a skinnier & longer feel which is way better.
  8. Here is another look:
  9. As a Padres fan, I love it. IMO, the brown needs to be dark or else it looks too much like real poop. I never liked the brown they use on the Friday light and had a greenish tint. This looks darker and more red which I think will hold up over time better. Plus once on the field, it will clearly register as brown.