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  1. That Wordmark is fantastic they should have that on the kit and then a different club logo maybe using the New England Tree as a club logo like how Rangers use theirs.
  2. Last I will say on Florida school matter is MLS after all but....... again not many around the world list Tampa above Orlando as a destination, and most are adults in that category. Funny enough adults love the parks nightlife and endless attractions in the city. Miami well yeah does have global appeal but having lived in the state as an outsider Miami is very overrated Tampa much better than Miami. To bring it back on topic I'm glad Miami is now in the MLS as Florida needs two MLS teams at least!
  3. Yeah but we only got added to the league due to fan support strength of crowd etc. Where as they saw $ signs with NYCFC and the City bankroll. As a football fan would prefer to have a pro rel option and come up the natural way but feels good to force your way into a league by fan passion alone.
  4. Orlando City main rival is now obviously Atl United but when we came into the league we were the most southern team. So NYCFC was an obvious started same time rival and we earn place through fans proving we deserved a place in the league were as NY had City backed money so that was base for that rival. Now would say in order its- ATL, Miami, Columbus. As for Orlando thing, well as a Brit who lived in Orlando for years it's one of the most visited cities in the world with the 2nd largest university in the US so the city has a chip on it's shoulder as we get overlooked for Miami and sometimes Tampa which to me is crazy. Personally think Orlando is an amazing city! Either way UCF has grown so much so fast and now naturally with growth fed up of gators being on our 'turf' so we want to play you beat you overtake you but can sense real nervousness of UCF rise from UF. Of course you're bigger traditionally but if we keep doing well on the field maybe move conference down the road would a student rather live and learn in Orlando with all the entertainment we have on offer and being a global city or go to Gainesville for 'tradition'. Should have played FL instead of LSU in the bowl game but whatever reason didn't happen and continues to not happen when we try to arrange a game. \ Back on topic (sorry) having special one of kits in football is a joke! It doesn't fit the sport at all. It's such a corporate cash grab and maybe suits NFL. However football is all about tradition, club colours, chants flags etc. I'm a die hard LFC fan if we wore something other than all red at home for any reason their would be a riot! MLS is growing more popularity and respect this type of behavior only devalues the league to outsiders. If they want to do pre match shirts fine NOT IN GAME!
  5. The number represents FA Wins for that club the pic below those lower league clubs have never won the cup. Bolton pic above have won the cup more than once so their kits have number of cup wins on it as do all clubs that have won and number of times won.
  6. Has nobody noticed that teams now have sleeve sponsors like the Premier League! When did this decision happen?!
  7. I don't know any European die hard fan who actively says 'oh we're playing the blues today or the gunner's'. Nicknames such as those are only used in songs sung at the game or to shout out like 'come on you reds' but that's not the name of the team at all no and in no way comparable to the nickname mascot naming system in the states. It's a culture clash at the end of the day I see on here all the time people moan about the addidas stripes, but most Europeans love the 3 stripes! It's a major part of fashion especially in cities like Liverpool. It doesn't detract at all in many occasions makes a kit better. I always loved for example how on Spain's old away or Argentina's how the stripes are the flag. The prem patches and font are like the NFL shield there is a pride to wearing them as it's one of the best leagues in the world and unlike the leagues in the States you can actually get relegated from our leagues so certain teams like to boast of the top status. The club colours & crest are vizable and make most teams instantly recognizable. For example the all red of Liverpool the red white and black of Man u or the Red and Blue stripes of Barca. People know those look instantly the world over. As you say your a casual fan I'm a die hard 20 year season ticket holder from another continent. Some things don't translate over state side, however US football (soccer) would do better to follow Europe and the rest of the world than the other US sports as this global sport is a different animal.
  8. Well because it's not part of the sports culture. Even though it's an American tradition to add mascot name for us Europeans the city name is all that matters as that's who the team represent. Take the raiders insert LA Oakland now Las Vegas in front and puts focus on the mascot name which is what we find silly and childish tbh. I like it in American sports but for the worlds game keep the city name the focus!
  9. Love everything about this idea cant wait to see it but as a scouser can i suggest Liverpool be liverpool liverbirds as for our team not to have a liverbird would be a crime
  10. I agree they all use a template to a point but that Celtic and our away are totally different in design terms other than the similar sleeves. For example Adidas took the Spain away pattern and now its on Orlando's and they will put it on another 20 teams kits. However with NB that front pattern is only on our away no other kit same with the Porto blue away they did its unique to them. It really isn't that hard to design unique kits for 23 teams! All you need to do is get 23 skilled local graphic designers from each teams area to design a pattern etc. They have teams of people in one of the biggest companies in the world with a year to design. If you gave me or anyone on here even a month to design 23 kits for $ we could all do it I would imagine. It comes down to laziness and greed. Templates are cheaper and world football has become so big is becoming more like a two horse race between Nike and Adidas as to who makes the most teams kits. It's a shame because they should realize that the best kits are unique such as the Nigeria one this last world cup people went nuts for it for good reason.
  11. Really disappointed in Orlando's home kit it's very similar to the home from the first mls year! Again another Adidas template kit! Hope the league goes with NB as a Liverpool fan think they make great kits and our an American company would be good to have original kits for MLS
  12. Okay thanks, hoping we don't go with white shorts! However more white on the kit is welcome. Hope they add the new flag of Orlando on the kit like Portland do! Also hope they add a cool pattern to the background of the kit aka Adidas kits of the 90's or maybe lake/fountain pattern given link to the city.
  13. Anyone have any info on the new Orlando City home kit? I haven't seen or heard anything?!
  14. As someone who lived in Orlando I would say the city has great potential to support a team but has to have the right look feel. Orlando has a chip on its shoulder wants to be taken seriously as a big city rival to Miami not just a tourist town. Its why Orlando city have been so successful they got everything right the colors the name the fan engagement everything. This AAF team should stay clear of mascots that have nothing to do with the city or look too minor league. Stick to the colors of the flag of the city blue white yellow and call the team something like Orlando SOL play off the Florida Spanish history shape the logo as an O styled as a Spanish Sun thing that would work well.
  15. For Orlando as a fan its always all purple at home, as for the away more subtle rainbow flag but good idea. Another Idea would be a red away to commemorate our first usl title and first kit that was red good concepts though
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