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  1. I agree they all use a template to a point but that Celtic and our away are totally different in design terms other than the similar sleeves. For example Adidas took the Spain away pattern and now its on Orlando's and they will put it on another 20 teams kits. However with NB that front pattern is only on our away no other kit same with the Porto blue away they did its unique to them. It really isn't that hard to design unique kits for 23 teams! All you need to do is get 23 skilled local graphic designers from each teams area to design a pattern etc. They have teams of people in one of the biggest companies in the world with a year to design. If you gave me or anyone on here even a month to design 23 kits for $ we could all do it I would imagine. It comes down to laziness and greed. Templates are cheaper and world football has become so big is becoming more like a two horse race between Nike and Adidas as to who makes the most teams kits. It's a shame because they should realize that the best kits are unique such as the Nigeria one this last world cup people went nuts for it for good reason.
  2. Really disappointed in Orlando's home kit it's very similar to the home from the first mls year! Again another Adidas template kit! Hope the league goes with NB as a Liverpool fan think they make great kits and our an American company would be good to have original kits for MLS
  3. Okay thanks, hoping we don't go with white shorts! However more white on the kit is welcome. Hope they add the new flag of Orlando on the kit like Portland do! Also hope they add a cool pattern to the background of the kit aka Adidas kits of the 90's or maybe lake/fountain pattern given link to the city.
  4. Anyone have any info on the new Orlando City home kit? I haven't seen or heard anything?!
  5. As someone who lived in Orlando I would say the city has great potential to support a team but has to have the right look feel. Orlando has a chip on its shoulder wants to be taken seriously as a big city rival to Miami not just a tourist town. Its why Orlando city have been so successful they got everything right the colors the name the fan engagement everything. This AAF team should stay clear of mascots that have nothing to do with the city or look too minor league. Stick to the colors of the flag of the city blue white yellow and call the team something like Orlando SOL play off the Florida Spanish history shape the logo as an O styled as a Spanish Sun thing that would work well.
  6. For Orlando as a fan its always all purple at home, as for the away more subtle rainbow flag but good idea. Another Idea would be a red away to commemorate our first usl title and first kit that was red good concepts though
  7. your logo looks fantastic! However it's not a football logo. It would look odd of a jersey. Football is a sport that blends well with teams having crests so thing there current does the job well. However they could use this for merch or an alternate because it's really cool.
  8. I love your designs but do you have to use your name with the number 14 on the scum's kit's as a Liverpool our captin is Jordan Henderson same name and number. Makes my eyes bleed seeing this name number on that kit lol
  9. Well the first was original at the time France won a euro in it and it meant something to the French then when they hosted the world cup in 98 they decided to pay homage to that kit but there was nearly a 20 year gap between them and then they won the world cup so would say that is an iconic football design now. Nike has lost its edge bit time adidas and puma are the best for football kits as of right now. Being a LFC fan new balance are getting better all the time and there porto stuff is great would love them to take over MLS tbh.
  10. When you look at the colours round the NFL most of the primary colours are over used this is unique and Cleveland uses orange allot this is brown dark red and grey so only brown is similar. Nothing wrong with two teams wearing same colour especially when accents are different. If they took the field in the uniforms I designed they wouldn't look anything like the Browns and would actually have a QB in Bortles unlike them .
  11. Here is the kits with the new logo and red helmet just need to work on the patch. I choose a new font that seems to work better, still would like my own but this may do
  12. Yeah I agree the grey is better but need the red coaller for it to pop and to match jersey and team colours.
  13. That looks class they need to change it to your logo! Great work!
  14. I see what your saying, originally I wanted it to be like a tag that hangs of a dog coaller so it could be bigger but I couldn't make it look realistic enough so went for it to be one of the studs thus it had to be the same size.