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  1. Nike logic will have "city connect" meaning the Yankees will be in Knicks (winks) colors of blue and orange
  2. The uniform itself wasnt BAD But for the Boston Red Sox it was completely TERRIBLE. Those are not Red Sox colors.
  3. This has been one of the quietest and shortest post-uniform revealed threads that I have ever seen. Maybe the polarization of last seasons Rams and Falcons threads got me used to going through 50 pages at a time. But this is good as well.
  4. I don't think the name will be named after any type of people. Whether it is military or not. That will be backing themselves/NFL again into a racial identity and I can't see that happening.
  5. When people ask William H Macy about this movie he quick changes the topic to his families college admission scandal.
  6. There is a big reason. When Charlotte was awarded the Panthers in the early 90s it was still an up-and-coming city with a metro population of around 600,000 Currently Charlotte metro is 26th largest at 2.6million The Panthers needed the name Carolina. Now Charlotte can stand on its own
  7. I honestly don't think the Angels ownership want the team initials of A.A. or sound smaller market than LA. Say what you want about the Ducks using Anaheim. It is Hockey. Their local competition are the LA Kings who are not a prestigious landmark known as the Los Angeles Dodgers. I have no Issues with California Angels. Its the name that I grew up with and I don't think it devalues that attachment to the Anaheim region. The Angels ownership (Moreno) recently reupped the lease for the land to stay in Anaheim. There are questions as if that means remodeling the stadium or building a new stadium and complex (like Atlanta) on that giant parcel. With that, Anaheim might have made some naming requests. We will see.
  8. I think the Marlins changed due to Miami paying for their new stadium.
  9. I am a Tampa bay Rays fan (if you couldnt tell by my picture) and I dislike the Red Sox. I dislike many of their fans. Especially since they won in 2004. Many of them forgot what it was to lose and became carbon copies of many over the top Yankee fans. Again. Not all Red Sox fans. But many. Especially here in Florida. Many of these Red Sox fans never left the state of Florida, yet alone been to Massachusetts. But because their parents, or their best friends, aunts, next-doors, butcher was from Boston...they were Red Sox fans magically in 2004. You know the Spaceballs scene. Well that being said. I don't wish these uniforms on the Red Sox or Red Sox fans. There is no RED in them. Yellow and light blue are more Tampa Bay Rays colors. Leave traditional teams alone. You want to mess with the Marlins, Diamondbacks, Rays, etc....sure But leave alone the Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, Dodgers, Cubs. These are the teams and colors that built this game. When a person that dislikes the Red Sox as much as I do is saying these are know they are wrong.
  10. That is my feeling as well. It seems unbalanced if that makes sense at all.
  11. And having a black and purple glove doesnt help any
  12. Just make them clear! (I will see myself out)
  13. I've been to 21 stadiums. The new Yankee stadium is trash. It is just steel and concrete and too large. Has zero character and reminds me nothing other than carbon copy outdoor malls that you see in every town that try to be "unique". The only redeeming quality that it had was it Yankee museum which was great and worth the visit alone.
  14. Its no Wrigley...but opening the concourses at Wrigley cost an estimated $575 million. Clearly that was a different type of project. But it will be a lot of work. that is why there has been rumblings that the Orioles ownership might go the direction of a new stadium.
  15. I think it is a combination of the MASN and waiting for future upgrades to the stadium (see my previous post)
  16. The Orioles had that TV region to their own for many decades. The National came to the region and MLB and the rest of the owners gave them permission. The Orioles have been fighting it since.
  18. Oriole ownership were rumbling at "possibly" wanting a new ballpark or major upgrade/updates. MLB likes to keep ASGs as treats to cities for these changes.
  19. This is a great idea/location as well
  20. Williamsport would be INCREDIBLE!!!