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  1. This is a great idea/location as well
  2. Williamsport would be INCREDIBLE!!!
  3. LA missed out due to last season. So why would they not go there?
  4. Not turning this into a political post. But Texas is trying to pass a nearly identical voting suppression bill. If MLB had an issue in GA. They will also have an issue in Texas.
  5. Just found an entire reddit dedicated
  6. Not UNI related. But MLB. For those of you who have Bally Sports (They took over for Fox sports through the Disney purchasing and Disney needing to sell off due to a monopoly and Sinclair broadcasting not wanting their name on the channel so they sold the rights to Bally...well anyways...) What is everyones take on their ticker/in game boxscore? I hate it. It looks like it was designed in 1998 at the beginning of the technology. 1. It is spaced up unnecessarily from the base of the screen. Wasting valuable space. See all that dead grey space? 2. Why is everything bold? 3. Why is everything so big? It can be reduced to 85-90% and still accomplish its task. 4. Why is there an extra outline around the team names? 5. Why have a white baseball diamond, inside a white square that is empty 6. More empty space to the right in the light grey. This is used for a rotating news ticker. I bring this up. But no MPH of the pitch, etc What's your opinion?
  7. I grew up in NY as a Mets fan and until I was maybe 10-11 I thought the Yankees colors were black and white. This was in the late 80s and right before the boom of starter jackets and etc where the quality and production got better where I was able to see that it was just a really dark navy blue.
  8. Asking cause I don't know the rules. But could he own a team while being a major broadcast partner? Might cause some possible conflicts.
  9. I don't know if I like the fact that on some uniform combos the helmet and shoulder stripes match (black stripes) and on some they don't (black stripes on helmet, orange stripes on jersey)
  10. People love kitschy and nostalgia. But those were terrible then and they would be terrible now. The other two uniforms were cool at the time. The Islanders uniform was so forced to be something that it wasn't and it was Long island that it never caught on. Ducks and Coyotes with over the top colors sold. Islander with forced colors with no real identity never did and if it ever does I will be surprised.
  11. The jags should be teal with black and gold accents. Any uniform that doesn't include all three should be thrown away. Stop trying to be the Raiders (black primary) or the Saints (gold and black). Be the Jags. Teal with Gold and black.
  12. The "aquafresh" pipping was terrible
  13. I like the idea of Hammers. But if you do go with Hammers. You will need a bulkier font than that. That font was just too thin and soft.
  14. I'm a Rays fan and slowing seeing the Rays play in every road park. I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to see King Felix throw a perfect game against the Rays in 2012.
  15. I was never a big fan of these uniforms. And if these came back I think I would like them even less. Back then LARGE shoulder-pads were worn. This helped with the shoulder stripes. With shoulder-pads being smaller these days, the stripes would either need to be moved closer to the collar, allowed to droop down the arm, and or thinned to negate the lose of due to the shoulder-pad loss. If you thin the shoulder, you then need to thin the pants stripe. How does the strip look thinned out? I think it would look worse.
  16. I will say it. Remove the history of the Rams and look at the blue jerseys on their own and well I like them. But anything bone needs to go.
  17. It's talks right now. If it was to occur it wont happen for several years.
  18. It is a great look. Fits the team, the city, and offers a nice contemporary balance for the NFL