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  1. I am in Tampa. Normally it would be exciting. It made almost no impact due to what is going on and i only saw one friend post anything about it.
  2. I've been here since 1992 and have never heard it.
  3. The pewter looks greyer and less brown hopefully.
  4. He was born in Oregon as well. So who knows?????
  5. Have they released all of the ST hats yet?
  6. Great open ended statement. You are 100% correct since this can mean anything from 1 to 100000 years.
  7. Doubt it. Nike wont give up ground that they have already taken.
  8. The Cap logo should be AA and the players get a chip to celebrate another year on the team.
  9. I am a Rays fan and that is absolutelty blasphemy and disgusting
  10. How much to have it burned immediately for looking like crap? This set is all over the place
  11. How would it look in a purple/blue instead of yellow maybe something like Pantone 2735 C
  12. The home whites arent bad. But the Oregon would be embarrassed to wear the green on green mess.
  13. These were posted in the same Tampa Bay Times facebook comment section