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    Next we have the Las Vegas Sabercats, I changed the name from Sabres because of the Hockey team. Also, I tried out a different template to see how it'd look
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    Next is the Cleveland Aces, I had some trouble with this one due to some photoshop issues, but I think it came out okay. Next we have the Las Vegas Sabres
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    Finished the Brooklyn Devils next. I like the more faded red used in the pallet, I think it works well with the White and black aspects. Next is the Cleveland Aces
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    i have decided to create a baseball league concept project, based somewhat off of the USFL logos and team names I Started with the Arizona Bulls, which was changed from the Wranglers of the USFL, But was changed
  5. Awesome Concept! I do think there should be some sort of alternates for each team. And Miami's jerseys are somewhat bland for a team called Flamingos