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  1. Marcus Williams has to be Steve Bartman in a parallel universe,has to be.4 hours later in my wine and brandy State of Sunday I keep asking myself.How did he miss that tackle?Tackle him and the Saints win.Almost like he missed the tackle to go for the hit instead.Wtf?
  2. Horrible,Horrible play calling by the Steelers.Terrible 4th down calls;you run both times and why do you onside kick? Scripted,fixed,whatever you want to call it.Nothing against Jacksonville.They went in and stole one today.But it sure helps when the other team gives you the key to the house.
  3. The NFC pro bowl uniforms don't actually look that bad.The AFC on the other hand looks like a KC Chiefs alternate so no offense coming out of those ones.
  4. The Vikings are hosting the game in an NFC venture,maybe that's why it shows the NFC as the home team.
  5. The BM or MB however you call it hat logo on the Brewers pinstripe throwback uniform has to go.The only saving grace for that jersey is the new one now is button down vs the pullover of the 1980's.If anything should of been placed on the side of that uniform it should of been the logo of the state of Wisconsin which was on the team's previous jackets and jerseys I believe from the Brewers logo of 1970-1975.MLB teams seem to overthink modifying throwback uniforms as the Brewers have so grandly done in not knowing where to go regarding a permanent logo going forward.
  6. No,the only AFC team I could see doing it against Minnesota would be Tennessee as the road to the Super Bowl was reached wearing their White jerseys and Columbia pants.Pittsburgh did it when they were the 6 seed about 12 yrs ago.If the Vikings were to make it to the Super Bowl their fans ought to look forward to seeing their team wear white jerseys at home.It might be a first for them.
  7. Defense Wins Championships. Defense comes up big on the road in the playoffs.Don't know if Atlanta is going to the Super Bowl but Philly is going to have their hands full next Saturday. Falcons played a complete game.Experience showed.
  8. Rams actually look not bad tonight.Maybe It's being under the lights.
  9. When introducing the offensive players on NBC the Rams were wearing their dark jerseys for the TV shoot.Only could see from the top of the jersey on up.
  10. Looked very close even looked on 1 angle when Mariota threw that TD to himself that he was over the line of scrimmage. Another KC choke.Wow,just Wow.Could not put a team away.Again. The Cleveland Browns of the playoffs. A stadium of sadness.Again.Smh.
  11. According to Wikipedia this game started at 5pm Eastern time.It's only been in the last few years there have been night games;either the 2nd wildcard game or the 2nd conference championship game which starts later and later it seems.
  12. Have the Rams ever hosted a playoff game at home under the lights?
  13. No stirring the Apple cart.Yet.Only if the Rams run the table and play an AFC team which chooses to wear white would give them cause to petition to wear the throwbacks.
  14. Well the fans need to complain to the league about the uniform change rule the way Raider fans complained in 2002 about the Tom Brady fumble/incomplete pass oh wait.?.It is what it is.Seems the Rams navy jersey has replaced the Cowboys navy one as the jersey no one wants to wear.
  15. The gold on the jersey is minor.The pants IMHO would look good under the lights.What would match even better would be the white pants the Rams wore last year with the gold striping on the sides but seeing the team is trying to rid themselves of the Vegas gold/St.Louis look probably not a valid choice.
  16. So far nothing posted at the Rams Twitter site.They've worn White over White all year at home except the 2 games they wore the throwbacks.I'm hoping for white over yellow pants for a Saturday night special under the lights.
  17. Right now assuming the teams wear this coming weekend what is posted on page 77 Tennessee vs Kansas City is the best match-up. Atlanta @ LA Rams would be 2nd best.Why can't Jacksonville wear white pants with their black tops or New Orleans can't wear gold pants with their black tops? All black just doesn't do it for me.
  18. New England..possible.They have had success in their white uniforms only losing to the Giants twice in navy so a possibility.Other Home jersey losses before Brady era. Pittsburgh..a real possibility.Already did this when they played Seattle in the Super Bowl at Ford field. Jacksonville..probably not.The owner loves the black jerseys but if they could wear teal way cool. Kansas City...Won Super Bowl IV against Minnesota wearing red jerseys so no. Tennessee...If they pull off the wildcard way to get there maybe or wear Columbia. Buffalo....Hell Yes! The Bills get to the big dance you gotta wear what brought you there. And if the Bills pull off the improbable unless their facing the Vikings most of the country will root for them.And if they play the Vikings one team will finally win the Super Bowl.
  19. The Rams would look Amazing under the lights if they wear their yellow color rush pants with the white tops.And seeing Tennessee wears their Columbia pants home or road it should fly under the NFL fashion police.Saints would also look good in white tops and gold or black pants against Carolina.
  20. Bengals/Ravens is a very good look.Probably the best possible between the 2 teams. White over Black Purple over White
  21. Best look for the Titans for me is in this order. Columbia over Navy pants Navy over White pants Columbia over White pants White over Columbia pants Navy over Columbia pants But that's just my 2 cents.I'm sure there are many opinions on this board.Anything but all Navy.
  22. That's a nice look.Of course a "road" uni could be the white tops with the CR pants if you can show that also that would be great.
  23. It could of been flexed for 7pm with the Falcons playing for a wild card assuming Seattle would beat Arizona earlier that day.
  24. Isn't Carol Davis the owner of the Raiders and her son Mark the one who manages it?Or is the Davis family share held in a trust?I think the Davis's only own 47% but have control of the decision making.
  25. True but if I'm the Rams I wear what brought me to the dance.Last year I think the Rams were 1-1 in the throwbacks.