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  1. Much better picture.Definitely looks white here.Thanks.
  2. Well in 1972 Carroll Rosenbloom who owned the Baltimore Colts swapped teams with Robert Irsay and the Los Angeles Rams so maybe something can be done.
  3. Santa Clara and staying at the coliseum look like the 2 options left.San Diego and San Antonio are dark horse longshots.
  4. Nice pic of the white sox;by the looks of the picture it looks like Wrigley Field but interleauge hadn't started so maybe an exhibition game.And kudos on the Astros pic.What was the difference between their home and road uniforms during that era.Was the road uniform a bit less white than the home uniform?Or was it grayish?
  5. Well the Indians seem to be cow towing to the politically correct not using chief wahoo as much as before.The mountains on the cap would be a start for the Rockies.
  6. I have mixed feelings about color vs color in the spring.It is of course spring training,preseason if you will but it can be a bit too much at times.Now if the Colorado Rockies could only come up with a decent logo to wear on their caps................Something,anything, a scripted C, maybe the old Colorado Rockies NHL logo. It's just that C/R is too dated.
  7. That is a nice look.Wonder what it would look like with a blue or red helmet.
  8. That cap will sell.Not because it's good.Casey Stengel is rolling in his grave.No,that will sell because it's Yankees.Plain and simple.
  9. While Kimball has a great idea and great pics by the way i wonder if even if this was an option would the designated home team defer on this due to the White Jersey blessing that has happened in 11 of the last 12 Super Bowls.
  10. Does anyone remember what the vote turned out to be when the owners approved the Rams move?I want to say it was like 27-3 with 2 teams abstaining from voting.And while the Chargers were given a one year option why wasn't the Chargers move a separate vote.Or was it?Thanks.
  11. Seeing the Raiders need 24 out of 32 owners votes to approve their move what teams/owners would vote to block the move?
  12. Unless the Chargers hit the ground running and WIN and keep Winning and make the playoffs before the Rams they will rue the decision to move north to LA.There is still time Dean.Pull back those reins on that Charger and stay put.
  13. Like eRay said as well as Curtos07 the road tops are fine it's those pants and horrible stripe that does them in.Sure would like to see them change their pants for the Super Bowl.Don't think Atlanta will switch to white jerseys but you never know.
  14. Best option for Mark Davis was to suck up his pride and work out a deal to stay in the bay area by being a tenant in Santa Clara with the 49ers.Moving to Vegas means a relocation fee to the NFL and while the Raiders have a great brand which needs no rebrand the Raiders aren't exactly flush with cash.
  15. Amen.The Packers looked great today.On the field and on the scoreboard.Although next week it would be nice if Atlanta wore black instead of red tops.Might look better vs the Packers white road jerseys.
  16. Respectfully I would have to disagree as UWM Panther arena seems more to the Admirals liking and in this case smaller means better at least for the AHL.
  17. Raiders/Cowboys would be nice.I don't think those two teams have ever met with the Raiders wearing White and the Cowboys wearing Blue.If for some reason the Giants get there against New England they might wear white for old times sake. Dallas/Pittsburgh is top shelf also.
  18. Try telling that though to Mr Spanos or Mr Davis though.
  19. Cleveland could do so much better with their current uniforms with no writing on the pants leg or the Jersey.Lose the orange numbers and go back to brown.
  20. Might be time for the Spanos family and the city of San Diego to each take a slice of humble pie and try to work things out.Only team that could move to LA right now and keep fan base plus add on would be the Raiders.Don't know who's more stubborn;Mark Davis or Dean Spanos.We shall see.
  21. It's got to be close to a record.Might want to improve the on field play before becoming fashionista's.
  22. I want to like the Patriots navy pants,the stripe is all wrong.Maybe a redder red would help.All aqua is not helping the fins today thus far.