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  1. I always wondered that if they moved to Hartford would Boston of gotten another team?
  2. Of course it’ll look out of place at first. I think a lot of that is just familiarity.
  3. I love the upgrade to the bolt. But, I am skeptical of how the jerseys will look with only light blue, gold and white to work with. I liked the navy blue outline.
  4. Is that confirmed or just an opinion? Either way, I would welcome the change.
  5. But, I'd love it if the Clippers played there for at least a couple years as a FU to the Lakers, especially if they won a championship in there.
  6. This is being discussed heavily over here, not sure if we need a Chargers thread?
  7. What's with the lightning bolt eye'd emoticon?
  8. That was my assumption. I’m sure there are a few other logos in the package, but what we saw was it ... just in the Vegas neon style.
  9. Not only should 0 should be allowed, but I wish the NFL would allow WR and RBs to wear single digit numbers.
  10. This fall? They're launching 21-22.
  11. What would fix this problem about Pewter vs. Creamsicle debate would be the NFL dropping the stupid one helmet rule. Either find a way to swap out shells or do a two helmet rule.
  12. Wasn’t their change to the baby blue pretty much their “change” last year. No need to do anything.
  13. I won’t lie, I miss bitching about the Lakers wearing yellow on the road.