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  1. I think they're fine with what they are. And, they're FAR from the worst ever. Especially when these exist ... And, any sleeved jersey that made it onto the court ...
  2. Oh gosh. Guys, he's winking. Something nefarious is on its' way ...
  3. You probably don't watch the NBA, huh?
  4. And, why not David Thompson? I'd put Thompson and Anthony in the place of Billups and Van Exel.
  5. January 18th (MLK Day) is the target day right now. But, yeah, I think so too. I expect we'll see them around the draft (Nov. 18) since that's prime holiday time.
  6. I'm a Utahn and member of the LDS Church and I had to Google him. Sooooooooo ...
  7. I’m sure the NBA Nike gave the Warriors an exemption on having two classic editions because they’re a cash cow, both classic jerseys are San Francisco Warriors jerseys and it is their first year back in The City.
  8. It seems like one of the two remaining jerseys ... maybe the Earned Edition will be purple?
  9. Good question, IDK? The lock season in the late 90s is still referred to as the 1998-99 season even though the season started in February. I would assume they'd do the same thing this upcoming season unless/until they decide to permanently hold a season within a calendar year.
  10. I don't know if I'd say they CAN'T have outlines, they just don't. I think part of that is just streamlining the NOTB fonts, but I actually think sans outline looks MUCH better for the most part.
  11. I think they use the milestone anniversary loosely ... Finals run, championships, etc. That's why it feels like the Warriors have had a throwback every year with Nike.
  12. Huh. Were they officially unveiled? I didn't think they were?