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  1. I love that they're social distancing the players from each other. If they do that on the court I'm sure we'll see some All-Star Game-esque record breaking numbers.
  2. Dixie State in Southern Utah has recently gone through a number of changes the past decade or so with the nicknames tied to the Confederacy. They went from Rebels to Red Storm (awful) to Trailblazers (slightly better) since 2009. There was also talk about renaming the school when it became a university. The whole reason it's called Dixie State in the first place is fascinating as the region is called Utah's Dixie because it was founded by a number of Southerners sent there by Brigham Young to grow cotton and tobacco, even though it didn't work out that well. As far as UNLV goes, I'm all for Star Wars Rebels! But, yeah. If they could reimagine the Rebel into something that worked I think that'd be the best bet. And, I'd rather see a nickname that represented Southern Nevada rather than Vegas. Plus, Stars, Aces, etc. are better pro names than collegiate.
  3. And, that's what makes them great.
  4. It's one of my biggest jersey pet peeves. Baseball does it right where the visiting team usually dresses in era appropriate uniforms. I don't see how Nike wouldn't be all over having a couple teams sporting one off throwbacks? More jerseys to sell, no?
  6. They should just base their logo off this ... a shark with a GOLDEN seal in its' jaw. The symbolism is just perfect.
  7. I don't think it was flippant when he mentioned the NBA and Disney over the top logistics are their jam. They have the resources to do it. They could easily do it. But, honestly, as a fan I don't think it's necessary. It'd be nice, but if they were to do it I'd only do it for the Finals or Conference Finals.
  8. Brooklyn did have those Dodger inspired alternates.
  9. To further your point, I believe one of the reasons why they went with baby blue and gold was because then-GM Kiki Vandeweghe was an UCLA alum. There's a Denver Post article that talks about it, but it's pay walled.
  10. I wish I remembered where I read it, but the Rockets actually tried to backtrack on the logo change after the second title, but I think it was too late to reverse course because merchandise was already made and would have probably cost the team millions to reimburse the companies for unused merch.
  11. It feels weird saying Key Arena is the wrong arena for a player that played on a franchise that should have never left Seattle. But, yeah ...
  12. I think the Nets are fine. They went all in on the look when they moved from Jersey to Brooklyn ... and it works. But, that era in the 2000s produced some awfully generic and overtly blue jerseys for teams that had identities it didn't match.
  13. Neither should be an option.
  14. That's why I liked what the Hornets did with the same jersey with different colors the past three years.