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  1. Obscure one, but Greg Ostertag wore the original his rookie season in 95-96 and the throwback in 2003-04.
  2. I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily a rule in today’s NBA when there’s money to be had. But, I agree with the sediment.
  3. There aren’t earned jerseys for this season.
  4. I think this is my issue with it. Why not keep THAT jersey in the rotation why cycle through 3-4 differing colorings of the same template? If Nike and the NBA are insistent on a rotating cycle of jerseys they need to slow it down a bit. Icon and Association should have a minimum and optional cycle of 5 years, Statement jerseys a minimum of 3 years with an opt in to keep the design (there's no need to change just to change) and City Jerseys should be a minimum of 2 years. The current cycle of Statement jerseys changing every two and city every season is too much. It was KINDA fun at first ... but, why change something that works so quickly?
  5. I hate to admit this ... but, the whole Miami Vice thing is growing stale.
  6. It’s a shame arenas today have a lot less character and uniqueness.
  7. Rumor has it, it's a granite-ish base color that incorporates the sunset design.
  8. Not questioning your sources, etc. But, I don't think your sources would be wanting to sharing even the base colors of team information. I mean ... do you see @Conrad. doing this?
  9. East 1. Sixers 2. Bucks 3. Celtics 4. Nets 5. Heat 6. Raptors 7. Pacers 8. Pistons West 1. Nuggets 2. Jazz 3. Rockets 4. Lakers 5. Clippers 6. Warriors 7. Blazers 8. Pelicans Conference Finals East: Sixers over Bucks West: Jazz over Lakers Finals: Jazz over Sixers MVP: James Harden ROY: Ja Morant Coach of the Year: Michael Malone DPOY: Rudy Gobert Sixth Man: Lou Williams
  10. For as popular as these were I've been really surprised that they haven't returned either as is ... or in red or blue.
  11. It is supposed to represent Lake Michigan ... but, yeah ... not so much random and forced. There really is no need for blue.
  12. We're seeing it in Miami already with their vice jerseys.
  13. The Bulls made their red jersey their preferred home jersey in 2017 ... much like Houston and Brooklyn have. I don’t mind color at home for most teams ... but, the Bulls should be in white IMO.