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  1. I thought these (and the other 15 teams) were leaked almost a month ago, no?
  2. I look at all of those picks and can't help but wonder if the Nets EVER learned their lesson? Apparently not.
  3. 32 teams is the magic number for U.S. pro sports. It makes sense for divisional groups and scheduling. After 32 would be 40, so in that case ... Seattle Vancouver Kansas City Montreal Louisville Las Vegas Pittsburgh Nashville San Diego St. Louis
  4. Yeah, there won't be a fight for it. And, I fully expect it won't be a shared history with OKC ... especially since after the move to OKC, the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans gave their Charlotte history to the Bobcats/Hornets. I think at the time Stern and the NBA didn't want to fully commit to the Browns Deal.
  5. its weird, but I’ll take them over having actual ads plastered all over the court.
  6. Yeah, as much as I feel like it should be Louisville over Vancouver or Vegas, it'll be Vegas.
  7. Seattle got three with the Sonics (1967), Mariners (1977) and Seahawks (1977). Well, four counting the Pilots (1969). San Diego also went added the Chargers (1961), Rockets (1967) and Padres (1969). Oakland kind of fits as they added the Raiders (1960, but really 1962), A's (1968) and Warriors (full-time, 1971, but part-time since 1966).
  8. Another great color v. color matchup with the Nets-Sixers game. But, as great as the Nets' throwback jersey is, they effed up BIG TIME with those numbers! Not only was the #7 and #1 off as noted previously, but the #2 is blocked and not slanted like the originals. I can look past the small differences in the #1 and #7, but if you mess up the #2s in throwbacks ... no, just no. You lose me.
  9. Yeah, it’s slightly muddled with what you’ve said. I’m still fine with a majority of it because it still FEELS like Brooklyn. I might be in the minors here, but I actually love when the Nets wear gray against teams in their color jerseys. I actually like any color vs color combo on that court, the colors pop and it’s just eye candy for me.
  10. I love that there’s an orange Suns jersey, but I hate — hate, hate, hate, hate — the execution on this jersey. It’s just so lazy. Not to mention the beveling on everything is annoying and overdone. At least it was bearable with the modern sunburst design. I don’t understand why they ditched those for the current obsolete set?
  11. Yeah, it did the same thing to me as well.
  12. Originators of what exactly? Having the arena name/wordmark in the corner along the baseline? I want to say that’s false, I’d have to dig some, but I believe the Bucks did it when the Bradley Center opened? Also, I think the Sixers did it in 1996?
  13. I love when the Nets play at home in gray against a team wearing a nonwhite jersey. It’s almost always gorgeous!
  14. But, it's almost like OKC had to make sure everyone knew it's an ad for a gas station by making it look like an banner promoting cheap beer.