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  1. I don’t mind road teams in white, especially when the key on the court is unpainted and the home team is in a team color. But, I still maintain color vs. color is the best option when possible.
  2. It's not old news considering the fact that AD is keeping No. 3 and not switching to No. 23. LeBron is LeBron, but ESPN and the media in general is who makes him into what's so damn annoying. I swear SportsCenter shares more of his Tweets than actual highlights. But, he does go out of his way to chime into a lot of things and I'm not entirely convinced that he believes half of what he says or if it's just for $$$$ sake.
  3. That Cavs jersey kind of surprises me with how plain and uninspired it is considering the Cavs gave us some GREAT mashups over the years ...
  4. I don't know ... I kinda like it? Maine Celtics is much better than Bridgeport Islanders. And, at least the Maine Celtics logo is GOOD.
  5. This is the NBA and Nike we're talking about here, it doesn't have to make sense in order for it to happen. I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of throwback for the Knicks, Warriors, Celtics and other teams with ties to the original BAA.
  6. I’m afraid I’ve gotten to that apathetic point of no return. I want to continue my hatred of them, but ... I hate to admit, I’m used to them. And, it COULD be worse like in the WNBA or G-League. However, I will say this ... OKC’s Love’s patch fills me with rage every time I see it.
  7. Las Vegas Athletics sounds clumsy, but shorten it to what I’m sure locals will call them — Vegas A’s — and I’m on board.
  8. I wish it was more like Reverse Retro than a blender of puréed past jerseys and logos. I believe these are the City Jerseys for each team next year.
  9. I am okay-ish with an Oakland jersey. But, the playoffs should stick to tradition as much as possible. The only alternate allowed should be the Statement jersey. That all said ... I’m just happy the Lakers are in gold at home.
  10. Yeah, they tried before Suns fans lost their minds (and rightfully so). I believe that set back the roll out of the new logos and jerseys a year, because in 2012-13 the Suns played in their 2000-13 jerseys while playing on a court with the present logo and graphics? In fact, their main logo still is purple-less.
  11. Well, it'd have to be a league and player decision. And, after 2001, I don't think we'll see that happen again. My guess is the A's will either buy back rights to San Jose from the Giants or you'll see a Raiders-like move where the A's park themselves in Oakland for a couple lackluster seasons until they can move to either Portland or Vegas when a suitable stadium is ready.
  12. I love how #1 looks on WRs. That's one plus of the policy change.
  13. Um, serious question, are you color blind? Purple/blue confusion is one of many kinds. https://enchroma.com/pages/types-of-color-blindness
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