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  1. Yeah, it's kind of odd that they went with the rotating schedule considering no one rotated into the Pacific Division and the Wolves didn't move. This was the only explanation I could find. From the Washington Post ... (SIDE NOTE: So glad they went with Hornets and not Spirit).
  2. Um, yeah, not a fan. @Cosmic said it best in that it FEELS like an alt. jersey. Nicknames of team nicknames should be reserved for alt jerseys. It also feels a bit too red dominant for my liking.
  3. I think it’s amazing how many of these logos stuck around for so long ... Rockets, Jazz, Sonics, Celtics, Lakers,Hawks, Suns, Bucks, Bulls, etc. Those stayed at least 20+ years. That’s amazing. Today we change logos twice a decade it feels like or tweak it often.
  4. HAHAHA! I was just going to comment how much I hate the basketball butt on Hugo. I'd love a redesign of the original.
  5. That's some straight up beautiful sports porn right there.
  6. I hate the Buzz City nickname and it should go. Don’t they have a Hugo logo in their logo set? I’d start there with maybe a new wordmark. But, at least incorporate pinstripes somehow.
  7. I agree. I’m not a Hornets fan like some on this thread, but when I think of the Hornets’ jerseys I think of two things ... pinstripes and teal. I know the NBA wanted different logos, etc. when the Bobcats took on the Hornets nickname, but MJ and Nike should try to connect the two franchises a bit better.
  8. That’s my hope, but the coloring is in teal and black ... I’m guessing it’s more of a statement/city unveiling.
  9. I still wish the Blazers went back to an updated version ... like on the court ... of their old school font with their redesign a couple years ago. I hate the new font, it’s too corporate and bland IMO.
  10. Yeah, I remember when Champion entered the game, because for the first couple months of the seasons at least the Celts and Jazz had their jerseys wonked up. You can see in the thickness and slanted 2s.
  11. That’s debatable. Well, more so with the Spurs latest update. Magic need more stars in the wordmark IMO.
  12. Should be what they used last year or in black. Gross.
  13. I think it boils down to some teams are more involved with others. I think teams like Utah, Miami and Philly are more involved with the creative process where as teams like Detroit, Washington and Chicago have kinda gone with whatever Nike makes them. But, I think there are teams like Boston, San Antonio and New York fairly status quo and haven’t been too keen on letting Nike get too crazy with their look. But, if you’re talking about what they wear from game to game ... I think Nike and teams work together on a schedule to maximize sales. Let’s be honest here.
  14. Okay, gotcha. I was thinking the NOBs with the Dallas jersey. I don't think this one looks that bad. The green version on the other hand looked bad. The double line around DALLAS and the number clutters it up.
  15. Speaking of NOBs, I miss the customized looks that differentiated teams ... much like the warmups. I wish Nike and the NBA would bring some of that back.
  16. Which Mavs' jersey are you talking about? I don't recall an arched italics setup for the Mavs. The Bullets, yes. But, that's all I can think of?
  17. Yuck. It was so lifeless. The only redeeming value was the ribbon sash or whatever it’s called.
  18. Are there plans for them to plan a game in the Coliseum ala Milwaukee and The MECCA? They should.
  19. I like. I’m glad there’s no gold on it and it’s in team colors.
  20. Not sure if it should be smaller, but there should be a contrasting color for sure ... like a white or silver on the pinwheel. The profile pic thumbnail logos just looks like a blob.
  21. Same. That's why I was never that big of a fan of the logo update they did a number years back. They're a 90s team and they should stick with it.
  22. Didn't the Little League Classic jerseys match the Players Weekend jerseys the last couple of years? I mean, as gaudy as they as these they're much better than the white and black crap they're using for the Players Weekend. Plus, I KINDA like the team nicknames on the front like that.
  23. Plus, those shorts don't look like the Nike template.