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  1. Northern Lights is dumb. It should have been Voyageurs.
  2. I always felt that the volt next to red made the volt look gold too. This at least is a good application of the color.
  3. As a former Beloit resident there's no need for a name change, Snappers works better than any other nickname. What has already been echoed a logo change is needed. Maybe emphasize the A's color way more with yellow and green?
  4. And, from my understanding that even if a player doesn't use a social justice saying the name will still be under the number like we've been with LeBron, AD, etc.
  5. Just as long as it's the 1981-84 kelly green and gold color way and not the current green. Not a fan of the darker shade.
  6. The NBA has now added surnames to the back of the jerseys under the number. So the players that chose to keep the social justice sayings have clusterf--k of a design mess on the back. I knew this was going to happen, but it doesn't look good. I'll have to see if I can get a screenshot.
  7. I bet we will see home courts starting in the playoffs either first round or somewhere around the Conference Finals or Finals.
  8. Eh, I don't know about the Bucks? I would have them third or fourth, because at least green has remained over the years. The Cavs have to be a solid second place.
  9. It is. Just ask Karl Malone.
  10. I wonder if the fans will naturally kind of give them a team nickname as is the tradition in soccer?
  11. Some of my thoughts on the name and logo ... I'm fine with the name, Seattle Kraken, works. I preferred Sockeyes, but Kraken works. I love the nautical theme. I actually really love the logo and colors. I was worried with a name like Kraken we were going to get some kind of wonky cartoon squid. The negative space tentacle and glowing red eye works really well. The colors work and I love that there's no white in the logo or uniforms. I like the uniforms, but it also feels a bit too simple for me? Like something is missing? Not sure what ... Overall, it's great!
  12. I think they should have done like #23 for the years as coach or even #2. Something other than 1223.
  13. I still hate that the team retired a non-in play number for Coach Sloan.
  14. Oh, I can think of plenty other sharks in good 'ol DC ...
  15. I won't lie, I got totally desensitized to the volt that the last couple of years it looked gold to me.
  16. I'm not sure if this is better than their previous look? I'm extremely underwhelmed.
  17. I wish they would have thrown back to the Stars next year since it's the 50th anniversary of their arrival and championship.
  18. Hey, at least they're not packing the gold jerseys!
  19. I am not a fan of the names floating out there on the internet -- Warriors, Redtails, Red Wolves, etc. -- for a number of reasons. I really like the Redtails name out of the bunch, but as mentioned earlier in the thread it would probably come off as pandering and cause another whole set of issues that could affect the team financially. Could. But, for obvious reasons, I'm not going down that road. I think there are some great names out there for the team to use. I am sure they'll go with Washington as the location identifier, but why not DC? It could work with the right name. DC THEMED NAMES Americans Federals Red Stars/Stars Monuments Presidents Potomacs Senators Nationals (it won't happen, but I'd love to see some MLB/NFL teams in the same city share nicknames again). MILITARY THEMED NAMES Warbirds Generals Sentinels Redtails Cadets Warriors (I like this with a military theme, but I'm not sure it would fly under the circumstances). Braves (same as Warriors, it could work with a patriotic theme, plus it's their previous name, but unlikely). Defenders (I like it, but obviously from the failed XFL). FRANCHISE THEMED NAMES Pigskins Hogs Warthogs Redhogs Radskins (I hate this so much that I almost love it). Red Wolves (not as bad as Radskins, but not good). UNUSED/UNDER USED NAMES Avengers Bulldogs Rhinos Bombers Dragons Stallions Spartans Comets Wolves Wildcats My Top 5 Favorite Possible Names 1 - Washington Warbirds / DC Warbirds 2 - Washington Generals / DC Generals 3 - Washington Redtails / DC Redtails 4 - Washington Bulldogs / DC Bulldogs 5 - Washington Stars / DC Red Stars But, then again, who knows? If they were going to keep the native imagery, my money would have been a swap for Warriors. It'll be interesting to see what happens.
  20. I love that they're social distancing the players from each other. If they do that on the court I'm sure we'll see some All-Star Game-esque record breaking numbers.
  21. Dixie State in Southern Utah has recently gone through a number of changes the past decade or so with the nicknames tied to the Confederacy. They went from Rebels to Red Storm (awful) to Trailblazers (slightly better) since 2009. There was also talk about renaming the school when it became a university. The whole reason it's called Dixie State in the first place is fascinating as the region is called Utah's Dixie because it was founded by a number of Southerners sent there by Brigham Young to grow cotton and tobacco, even though it didn't work out that well. As far as UNLV goes, I'm all for Star Wars Rebels! But, yeah. If they could reimagine the Rebel into something that worked I think that'd be the best bet. And, I'd rather see a nickname that represented Southern Nevada rather than Vegas. Plus, Stars, Aces, etc. are better pro names than collegiate.
  22. And, that's what makes them great.