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  1. 9 minutes ago, Froob said:

    Didn’t the Grizzlies do two classic jerseys and have a new statement? Makes sense why there’s no city.


    Unveiled two, one for this year and the other for next year. They’re celebrating the franchises start in Vancouver (this year) and move to Memphis (next year) ... using a similar throwback court.

  2. 11 minutes ago, jmac11281 said:

    The NBA aesthetics have definitely lost their way under the direction of Nike. It's like they aren't trying with some of these uniforms. 


    Which I really think is more of the team's faults than Nike's fault ... and it's pretty easy to see which teams are mailing it in and those that aren't.

  3. 29 minutes ago, BellaSpurs said:

    I’m sorry, ATL is just as pointless as PHX, ORL, MSP, all of them. The only place they belong is on the score bug


    Nah ... ATL, PHX, OKC and PHILA are fine. The CHA, ORL, CLE and MSP are bigger problems. But, with that said ... the BIGGEST problems are the stupid Peachtree, Sactown, H-Town and The Land nicknames. I give a pass to Rip City. I might also give one to Motor City if they're jersey designs weren't so awful.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Pyromania1983 said:

    Philly looks beautiful!



    I love the custom number font. Very nice.


    Just now, TheFallenHaveRisen said:

    100% the font they should be using for every jersey from here on out, no need to continue using the basic :censored: block when they've got that in the branding


    I like this font, but the block number works with the block wordmark. 

  5. 14 minutes ago, ScubaSteve said:

    I think the Pistons have a nice new design element that is relevant to their city/nickname and should embrace the racing stripes full time


    Um, no. Maybe if they made it subtle. Maybe. But, really ... no.

  6. 1 hour ago, DG_Now said:

    I know there are diehards who will buy every jersey a team puts out, but are there really that many of them? Enough to make all of this worthwhile?


    I like the general idea of the Nike City program, but it's exhausting. As stale as some MLS looks can get, a two-year requirement to let them soak is more positive than negative. Nike and the NBA could stand to cool their jets a bit.


    Thats why I’m appreciating the Jazz’s approach of changing NOTHING the last three years outside the classic jerseys.

  7. 24 minutes ago, WSU151 said:

    Just found this on the picture for full jersey view (white numbers with green/white outlines).


    It's actually a great color scheme. Revise the wordmark (to say, I dunno, something like the curly 80s font) and it'd be a cool update for the Mavs full time. 



    Non-cropped snap shots need to be society's next crusade. I think everyone gets the don't record vertically anymore.


    With that said ... I like it. I'm more in love with the colors than the mismatching MAVS and number wordmark. But, those colors are awesome!

  8. 3 hours ago, Conrad. said:

    Yes, we are sure 😉


    Sad to see the Spurs do the same, seeing them last night. At least this is the final year for the camo, tho. Hopefully they don't wear them too often.


    I'm not disappointed by the news, I love the sunset jerseys. But, I won't lie ... I would have liked to have seen something new from the Jazz with the Statement or City jersey.

  9. 4 hours ago, Discogod said:

    I'm pretty sure that I was the first person to post about the Jazz wearing those unis, many many years ago (the pic you posted was one of a few screen grabs I made from that game and sent into Uni Watch)!


    Yeah, I sent in a couple screengrabs as well. This wasn't the only time the Jazz wore green at home in the 80s.


    Granted, this was their primary at the time, but they wore their green jerseys (on St. Patrick's Day) against the Lakers who were in purple.


    Here's video from the game >>>


  10. 51 minutes ago, d11king said:

    And we gotta have a conversation about this new Clippers court at some point. I thought it was going to be limited?


    Limited in how? The core court is the main court, but the City Court just replaced the midcourt logo with the Los Angeles script from the City Jerseys .


    But, I agree, it'd been awesome to have a throwback court with those Braves' jerseys.