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  1. Same. The spacing between the C and I in San Francisco is even worse.
  2. Here is a comparison from the last one. My takes ... Don’t mind the center court logo. I hate the non matching baselines. I would rather have San Francisco on both baselines and then full worded logo at center court if they’re insistent on having San Francisco on the court. It needs more blue somewhere ... UNLESS ... they wear more gold at home.
  3. Well and Reddit’s reputation precedes itself. I doubt there will be a change in the color of blue. If anything, I would imagine a secondary Mardi Gras court. Something they should be doing anyways IMO.
  4. Seems to be a whole lot about nothing ... the blue just looks like shading from the 3D view.
  5. Seattle Sockeyes
  6. This is what happens when you mess with the sports time continuum.
  7. The Pelicans or the Hornets uniform? I'm talking about the Hornets' jersey from 2008.
  8. That New Orleans jersey was perfect, all they really needed to do was recolor in the blue, red and gold. Though I wished they went with Saints' colors of black and gold.
  9. HECK YES TO ALL OF IT! I think this is a great use of the City Jerseys. Is it MiLBish? Yes. But, we kind of already turned that corner already. I'd love to see other mockups and what-ifs like the Charlotte Flight, Orlando Juice, Minnesota Polars, etc. I'm sure there are some what-if designs laying around.
  10. I don't either. They seem like the base of a cheapass shirt you'd get on the Clearance rack at Walmart.
  11. I could see a blue version of last year's Earned Jerseys.
  12. I feel like they should be playing shirtless more than anything.
  13. "ICON" and "ASSOCIATION" jerseys
  14. No, the numbers aren’t suppose to be blocked for this jersey. Notice the DALLAS fancy font? That font goes with the more rounded numbers, while the blocked numbers that the Mavs have worn on the throwbacks go with the More blocked font they more from 1992 to 2001.
  15. I think it's just odd ... I prefer symmetrical baselines (looking at you too Memphis). If San Francisco HAS to be there, put it at midcourt or something.
  16. I wish the Pistons kept the straight names. But, I don’t mind a few NUTN like the Kings, Grizz and Thunder do on some of their jerseys.
  17. I want the Sixers to throwback to these soooooooooo bad.
  18. It looks like the Liberty Bell crack. And, the fact the bell is on the shorts along with the crack being gold ... I'm 99.9% sure that's the "Nike narrative."
  19. Oh good, no more Suxers jersey. Though, I wish thy had a red jersey. Two blue jerseys?
  20. I’m 100% with you. The colors are great, but the logo sucks ... and honestly, Thunder doesn’t really work with the colors either. The whole reason why they went with the colors was to mimic a Oklahoma sunset. I don’t visually think of sunset colors when I think of Thunder.
  21. The logo is verrrrrrrrry pedestrian, but I do love OKC’s colors — the double blue looks really good next to the orange and gold, IMO.
  22. Honestly, I think it just applies to stars that significant jersey inventory. There has been a number of players switching numbers last minute this off season.
  23. I can't recall the source ... but, I believe the white jerseys will have the Oklahoma City wordmark? Any confirmation of that?
  24. I hate how they got this wrong. Blah.