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  1. Oh man, I love those! I might bite the bullet and get me one!
  2. Nevermind ... saw the updates.
  3. I'm more of a fan of the 2007 logo, because the peach isn't a basketball. The 2013 logo peach seems like an after thought.
  4. I think it's a take on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium? I'm just glad the basketball isn't a peach.
  5. To echo a little of what @B-Rich was saying about the MASCOT being water related -- I'd love a nickname a name like the Seattle Sockeyes, Totems, Rainiers or whatnot and then have a Kraken mascot. They could have some fun with that throughout the games, etc. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
  6. Ooooooooh, gotcha. That makes sense. So there's not really a team branded kit for the keepers outside of a logo. Interesting. Thank you.
  7. Oh, those are gorgeous. I wouldn't mind them or the template being used in a full-time rebrand. I would definitely take them over their last orange alternate jerseys.
  8. I've had the same thought regarding giving value to certain components of a logo, color scheme and uniform. I'll have to dabble a little bit with the numbers. Thanks for the food for thought.
  9. I could see it as a mascot.
  10. VERY Casual American Soccer fan here (GO RSL!): What are the rules of keepers kits? Just contrasting colors than the rest of the team?
  11. It's a very Northwest-ish look, which works regionally. Like, when I see this color combination I swear I can smell pinecones and manly man aftershave.
  12. I hate this argument, because it's purely subjective. Because, I could make arguments that Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Sixers, Trail Blazers, Pistons and Wizards have a better brand than the Warriors (probably even more). There has to be a way to quantify brands more than opinion and purely sales. Because, when you have two of the top players in the league ... of course you're going to sell more jerseys. I might have a project on my hands ...
  13. I agree with you. I get the current color scheme, but it's pretty drab IMO. I think I remember hearing that when Benson was rebranding he wanted to use black and gold (I'd have to find a source to confirm it) but the NBA nixed it for some reason? I would prefer that color scheme over Mardi Gras colors for a full-time look. That color scheme works well as a City Edition IMO.
  14. I dig. Especially since it includes peach color and not a peach basketball logo -- which is EXTREMELY overused.
  15. Earned Jersey. They're basically redesign of the City or Statement jerseys for teams that made the playoffs last year.
  16. I don't mind the Jazz in navy now, but I refused to buy anything in their Navy and Baby Blue era -- I hated the branding. And, really, to think of it ... I never had much Jazz mountain logo gear either. The stuff I did have was a gift. I love the Jazz note.
  17. I will say, it's grown on since it was unveiled back in 2010, but not that much.
  18. To each their own, I guess? But, Emeralds sounds more amateurish than Sockeyes, IMO.
  19. I believe Minnesota Wild fans are still waiting for that evolution for the team name to make sense. And, my two cents ... give me the Seattle Sockeyes. It works and sounds very hockey-ish.
  20. I agree. I'd actually prefer the template they used for their "SLATE" (black) sleeved jerseys during the Adidas era (sans sleeves of course). I mean do we REALLY need something that says GOLDEN STATE and/or WARRIORS on it, especially considering how iconic their team, logo and the area where they play is globally. But, if any update is done to the logo or jersey, please get rid of the copperplate gothic font. Gag.
  21. I would much rather have a BFBS than GFGS any day -- especially in the case of the Pacers. It just doesn't fit.
  22. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a whole new set. Probably with something a tad SF-ish included. But, I believe the Statement jerseys are on a two-year rotation, so a number of teams should be getting at least two jerseys next year?
  23. SIDE NOTE: I wonder if we'll see a modern take on 'THE CITY' jersey next year? Also, do we know if the Warriors will be changing their logo? Like a swap out of the Bay Bridge for the Golden Gate Bridge?