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  1. I’m just waiting for an arena sponsor alternate court. You know it’s going to happen.
  2. Yeah, not a fan of it under the basket. But, in the case of the Celtics, I'd rather have it there than on the court. It keeps somewhat of the integrity of the parquet floor.
  3. I don't think the NFL has had a team in recent memory ... or at least since 1970 that has gone BACK to an old design? Well, besides the 49ers, but there were even changes to that design. So asking or expecting teams like the Browns, Bengals or Broncos to go back to throwback design is a lost cause. I think all we can ask is that their next designs just don't suck.
  4. I agree, I like how it matches the Colorado state flag.
  5. Too, too cartoony. The beveling was too extreme and the jerseys too much, especially after wearing the same conservative look for over 20 years. The only component I liked from the logo was the rocket, even if it was too cartoony. I had some of the same issues with the Pistons, Hawks and Sonics. I’m a homer Jazz fan, so I give them an exemption.
  6. With that said ... I've actually kind of grown to like the plain key areas. Sure, most are pretty tame. But, it makes the court less cluttered and more emphasis on the players on the court. There are still some designs out there with the colorless key. Courtesy of @kodrinsky
  7. FYI, that three point issue was brought up in the Swamp Dragons piece ESPN wrote a couple years ago.
  8. I actually liked those number fonts. The only change I would make fix the 6 and 9. The disconnected circle drives me crazy.
  9. Agreed. I can't see the Grizzlies wearing a Vancouver throwback. I could see them wearing the jersey they wore during the last season in Vancouver since it's pretty much what they wore in Memphis during their first couple of season. Granted, the Memphis Grizz never wore 'GRIZZLIES' on that jersey, but it could work. Vancouver Grizzlies, Home Jersey, 2000-01 Memphis Grizzlies, Home Jersey, 2001-02
  10. I guess I should also note that it will be the Raptors and Grizzlies 25th anniversary. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a Raptors throwback again.
  11. I could see the Raiders playing in both London and Mexico City. But, I really wouldn't be surprised if they didn't play two home games in London. Not only that, but I think a game at San Jose State works too, especially a non-division team like the Titans or Lions that have a fan base that wouldn't travel well. Regardless, it will be interesting to follow this saga the next couple of weeks and months.
  12. Right. But, it'd be ten seasons ago.
  13. I agree. There's definitely more connection to the '77 jersey. I just posted it since it was the inaugural jersey.
  14. The 2019-20 season will also be celebrating some of the following ... 10th anniversary of the Dallas Mavericks winning their first championship. 20th anniversary of the the Grizzlies final season in Vancouver. 20th anniversary of the Philadelphia 76ers making the NBA Finals with AI. 30th anniversary of the Chicago Bulls first championship. 40th anniversary of the founding of the Dallas Mavericks. 50th anniversary of the founding of the Cavaliers, Clippers (Braves), Trail Blazers. 50th anniversary of the Milwaukee Bucks' first championship. 60th anniversary of the Minneapolis Lakers relocation to Los Angeles. I wouldn't be surprised to see a number of throwback jerseys celebrating these anniversaries --
  15. I also believe the Pacers won't be wearing Hickory jerseys anymore? I think I remember reading that somewhere in the 2018-19 mega-thread?
  16. Mock Schedule (Home games in BOLD) 1 - @Green Bay Packers; Lambeau Field 2 - Jacksonville Jaguars; Levi's Stadium; Santa Clara 3 - Detroit Lions; Levi's Stadium; Santa Clara 4 - @ Denver Broncos; Broncos Stadium 5 - Los Angeles Chargers; Aztec Stadium; Mexico City 6 - @Houston Texans; NRG Stadium 7 - @New York Jets; MetLife Stadium 8 - Chicago Bears; Wembley Stadium; London 9 - Tennessee Titans; Wembley Stadium; London 10 - BYE WEEK 11 - @Kansas City Chiefs; Arrowhead Stadium 12 - Denver Broncos; Las Vegas Speedway/Sam Boyd Stadium; Las Vegas 13 - @Indianapolis Colts; Lucas Oil Stadium 14 - @Minnesota Vikings; US Bank Stadium 15 - Cincinnati Bengals; Levi's Stadium; Santa Clara 16 - @Los Angeles Chargers; StubHub Center 17 - Kansas City Chiefs; Levi's Stadium; Santa Clara A schedule like this could work for the Raiders. I love the idea of one game played in Vegas next year like a TNF or MNF game. Just not the whole season.
  17. If the Raiders can't play in the Coliseum next year, I think they're best option is bunking with the 49ers. However, if they did that I wouldn't be surprised if they played there for 4-6 games and then play in Mexico City and London as well. They could even play back-to-back weeks in London if needs be? And, why not play one game in Vegas? Either at the Speedway or Sam Boyd?
  18. Such a missed opportunity to have the Jazz in green and Blazers in red.
  19. I posted this in the 2018-19 thread, but really this probably warrants the start of next year's logo/uniform changes. This is from today's Uni Watch ... I'm not sure what other changes are in store outside of a number of Statement jerseys, all-new City Edition jerseys for every team and then the Earned jerseys -- but, we won't know who's getting those until April.
  20. Here are a couple of tidbits from today's Uni Watch ...
  21. If the Bucks' jersey was a full-time jersey and not an alt then ... yes ... I'd have a problem with it. Being a limited use alt (half the season) I see no problem with it. It's fun, quirky and it works for what is.
  22. I actually wouldn’t mind a black version of that jersey. I liked the non-sleeves adidas version too. I’d argue why this purple gets so much hate, but I think we’ve exhausted that point in these forums.
  23. I think this maxes it out. Some teams will have 6 jerseys this year with throwbacks and playoff jerseys. I can live with that.
  24. I really like most of these ... here’s a quick ranking from what I’ve seen so far. Milwaukee - Fantastic blend of the Irish rainbow! It’s a fun design and not what I was expecting. Love it! Miami - Absolutely love the Miami Vice colors and this jersey fits right in. Oklahoma City - I really want this orange jersey to be a part of their full-time look. It’s a shame. Boston - The splash of color makes this a lot of fun. It’s not the dirty gold from years past but it’s sharp. Portland - I love the red templated jersey much better than the city version they’re wearing this year. I love the rip city font too! Utah - I love the Jazz in green. I love that they’re using the color scheme from their early 80s green jerseys and not the recent color scheme with the blue included. It pops much better. Can’t wait to see these on the court. Philadelphia - I was expecting this jersey with the stars. I really like this as an alt and I hope they use it in future designs with a red and blue jersey. Golden State - I’m not completely sold on the design, especially the black piping, but the Warriors belong in gold as much as the Lakers do in my opinion. Washington - This is a sharp design. But, it’s lacking something as I first glance at it. Contrasting trim? More color? Either way, I like it. Indiana - much, much, much better design than their gray take on this jersey. Kinda wish they flipped them? It’s still a bit too heavy on the piping. I would like to see this design in a gold color? Houston - I like this much better than the black jersey they have. But, it’s still pretty boring. If they included yellow instead of black I would have ranked it MUCH higher. Toronto - I feel like this jersey was just kinda punched through. I like the red. But, I’m just not feeling it. I wish they played with other colors or did a red and gold? Cleveland - I know some people have expressed their love for this jersey, but it’s boring. I wish they did a black base and blue splash like the 90s uniforms. Or why not wine and gold? There’s just not much to it that would make me want to buy it. New Orleans - I’m not a fan of the Pels colors in the first place, so to just recolor the Mandi gras Jersey into Pels colors is — meh. I’d have loved a Mardi Gras version of their regular jerseys. San Antonio - I do like this better than the black camo, but considering i’m not a fan of the black camo this ranks pretty low. I wish the Spurs did something with their fiesta colors for this jersey. That would make it close to a Top 5 IMO. Minnesota - the purple Prince Jersey is fine for a one time thing, but to make a white version? Why? It loses its charm just in white and minimal purple. I’m sure they’ll sell, but I’d much rather have a gray version of their regular jersey.