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  1. Same. You have to wonder how that look would have progressed over the past 25 years if they were awarded a franchise.
  2. After sitting on this for a few days and reading a number of comments here. Here's a little bit more in depth take on the new look and reaction. For everyone saying this is easily the worst NFL uniform ever ... um ... do you not remember the look the Bucs had before switching back to the SB-look? Hell, I'm more annoyed by the Titans and Falcons new looks than this one. Oh, and the Jags' two tone helmet is worse than what the Rams gave us. For a team that's been around for nearly 75 years ... yeah ... this is definitely a departure from a classic look, especially with the helmet horns. But, with that said, I'm "okay" with the new helmet. I like it. I get it. It stays true to the blue and gold, the shape of a horn, yet gives it a LA vibe with the tie-in to a wave. The jersey on the other hand is a different story, it's just over designed and especially over thought. I feels like an idea wall that people forgot to narrow down before finalizing the project. The patches, mismatching numbers, different sleeve designs and bone color all together is just too much. I love the colors, I love the blue jersey options and I'm okay with a bone color alternate, but it's way too gimmicky. I do want a white jersey. For being a LA/Southern California team the way blue and gold pop off a white jersey seems like a go to. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the two jerseys they're unveiling in the next couple of years will be one? The number font is kiiiiiinda growing on me? But, it is still a bit too much MS Paint-ish for me. But, I guess it makes sense with the roundness tying back to the horn/wave design? Blue/Blue/Gold is the best of the set options. Again, this isn't the worst design ever, it's just over designed and I bet within five years there will be some significant tweaks to the look. It's gimmicky like the Falcons new look which I don't like either.
  3. That’s a horrible take. Maybe I’m on edge today because people over in the Rams’ thread are acting like their look is the worst thing ever (it’s eh), but the two aren’t comparable. There’s oil in Tennessee (some, but obviously not as popular in Texas), but people from Missouri aren’t Texans. I think Tennessee could have kept the Oilers name and everything would have been fine. Especially after their Super Bowl run their first season as the Titans. Even with that said I don’t mind their current logo. The new jerseys are too much. They really should have kept the white helmet and simplified the look.
  4. Eh, I don’t know? New designs the past couple years have softened. If this was 4-5 years ago we’d get numbers that were bold, pointy and loud. Kinda like what Atlanta did. But, the rounded numbers and over designed elements are softer than usually seen.
  5. Yeesh.
  6. Some initial thoughts ... 1) Each set is over thought and designed. 2) I'm "OKAY" with the helmet with the new horn, mainly because of the colors. 3) I hate the mismatching numbers (front/back compared to the sleeves) on the away set. 4) The numbers bug me. The reflective outline is completely unnecessary and the font has serious MS Paint vibes. 5) The two 2021 and 2022 uniforms I'm betting are a gold and white jersey ... maybe throwbacks? Hopefully? 6) Those stupid patches seem like ad placeholders.
  7. Your credentials pan out ... you got the job.
  8. Wasn't Tennessee Presidents also considered? Also Tuxedos? Or am I just making stuff up without Googling it first?
  9. If these are legit, my first thought was initially ... they're over designed.
  10. If you think this is the record it's far from it. It's just over the past 25-30 years we've come accustomed to logo and uniform reveals to be HUGE events. If I recall correctly the Suns unveiled their logo in 1992 without the jerseys being unveiled until the opener. They even played in the old uniforms during the pre-season.
  11. You're referencing the same season. Harper never played in Chicago Stadium with the Bulls.
  12. The Jazz nickname has always interested me. Apparently there was a name the team contest, but only 100 or so people contributed it. And, well, the name options weren't that great. I guess there could be an argument that Utah Saints fits. But, as a Jazz fan, the ship has sailed on a name change. The Utah Jazz name is synonymous with the likes of Karl Malone, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan, the Finals runs, etc.
  13. Minnesota just signed a long term lease as part of the renovations to the Target Center. I’d put them off the list. But, if there’s a buyout that a potential new owner would pay, who knows?
  14. From Googling more about it, there's speculation New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies and Charlotte Hornets could be the franchises most likely relocated. I could see MJ being done with the Hornets, but it'd be a nightmare for the NBA and Charlotte if the NBA left town again. Would they get a replacement team? I don't think so? But, I could see the Pelicans leaving with Benson and Stern gone. It wouldn't be as big of a PR nightmare if the team left closer to Katrina. I don't know ... it'll be interesting to see what happens? I could totally see a surprise team like the Spurs, Suns or something. Time will tell.
  15. I've heard this rumor as well. But, really, what franchises are in a position to relocate? Depending on the team I could see the NBA expediting expansion with a replacement franchise if the community is well established along with Seattle.
  16. Well, I mean, it was the 90s ...
  17. I'd love to see them do something a Floridians template hybrid. That'd be cool.
  18. Same with the Jazz's sunset jersey (I am also hoping the golds as well)
  19. I kind of go back to my first post in this thread. I'm assuming they'd be like the South Bay Lakers team where they play at a training center or academy. Attendance won't be a priority or need for the team to run successfully.
  20. I really love the new look. The two Color Rush jerseys feel like an overkill, but I get it. They want to honor their past (move back to San Diego if you're going to try to do that) with the two different blues. But, as much of an overkill that the two CR jerseys are, I still really love them. Great look!
  21. Really? I always found these uniforms bland. Even the narrative of it representing a white tiger is lost with orange tiger stripe lids. Make the helmet white and black and then it's "better"
  22. I shouldn't like Mighty Pigs. I shouldn't like Mighty Pigs. I shouldn't like Mighty Pigs.
  23. Meh. It's the G-League. A league where the Lakers' farm team plays home games in Lakers' practice facility. I expect something similar. I doubt you'd even see this team marketed to one specific city, valley, county, etc. in the area as well. It seems like it's in LA for the facilities and accessibility to media exposure.
  24. That's also Twitter for you. Some of the most non-observant, knee-jerk reactionary people you'll ever encounter.
  25. Oh heavens no to an orange Color Rush.