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  1. Are we really, really, really sure about that considering the leak we saw a couple weeks ago? I guess we'll just have to wait until noon.
  2. I don't think the NBA necessarily understands their own rules anymore. It feels like they gotten a lot more loose with them with Silver in office. I mean, you're seeing more color vs. color matchups, black uniforms and ... well the whole sleeve thing ... where as Stern's administration hardly had any leeway in much of that. Personally, I like the return of certain logos or looks. I wish the Hornets would go back to a more Original Hornets look -- namely logo, pinstripes and a change of font.
  3. Fair enough, but my point was to illustrate how dated -- specifically dated -- that Bobcats' original look was. It's very, very much an early 00's look with the colors, style, etc. I don't think you're going to see fans of the look outside of the 20-25 aged demographic.
  4. I’m just curious based off you’re opinion. I’d say probably no older than 20-23?
  5. I would say MiLB does more, but nowadays ... I'm not sure?
  6. Oh yeah, them. They get a pass too. I guess since it's their logo I don't think of it in the same light as the other abbreviated monstorities.
  7. They're not horrible. I think more than anything just a bit too creatively overdesigned. I wonder how much of that is because of that weird cut on the Nike shorts template?
  8. PHX, ATL and NOLA are the only acceptable ones. Looks like we might be getting a ORL jersey this year with the orange one too. Barf.
  9. My only complaint of the schedule is soooooo many wrong era throwback matchups. I wish the NBA did it like MLB. With that said ... why in the hell did the Cavs go 90s throwback instead of 70s or original for their 50th? Odd choice.
  10. Wow, I was not ready to wake up to this rant. Should have had my coffee first.
  11. I like most of this jersey. I won't lie ... the stinger side panels are kinda cool. But, that CHA wordmark?! WOOF. They tried to hard at being lazy.
  12. Did we ever get a story of why Dwight went with #39? I feel like it could be something biblical? Luke 3:9?
  13. I wouldn’t say the current look is an improvement ... beveled lettering and numbers, numbers are too large and there’s hardly any character to them. yes, the streak jerseys needed some tweaking here and there. Yes, more purple (because it was going to be ditched), change side panel striping here and there and the shorts design was always stupid IMO. But, I thought the streaks were clever and a nice nod to the Barkley era team.
  14. They did that! In what, 2012? 2013? I thought it was a good unique look that honored the 90s teams. I’m not sure why they switched to such a bland boring look less than 5 years later. Felt like such an unnecessary thing.
  15. THAT I could get behind.
  16. Exactly, these are just lazy. And, do we know if these are replacing the black statement jerseys ... or is the city jersey?
  17. I didn't mind the purple main road uniforms. But, holy crap, I didn't notice how intrusive the side panels were until I went hunting for a picture example!
  18. Nah. The PHX are better though purple side panels would make it better.
  19. I don’t mind four alts ... I am just not a big fan of a new city jersey EVERY YEAR. Three years in now and just feels like too much.
  20. Jerry West, especially since those look to be modeled after late 60s/early 70s jerseys.
  21. We may not play bingo for money, but we do play for candy bars every six months with a bingo card and handful of Cheerios.
  22. The only expansion I see happening is the NFL expanding the season to 17 games with the extra game either played in London or Mexico City so that both locations have eight games each. Gets more exposure, no extra teams, blah, blah, blah, blah ...
  23. Nope, the Bucks unveiled the court in October 2015 and started playing on it that year. The Kings only announced and started playing on the ARCO court beginning in February 2016. I guess you could say both contributed to it with the Bucks introducing a secondary and the Kings introducing a throwback court. But, the Bucks were the first ones to actually do it.