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  1. I don’t mind four alts ... I am just not a big fan of a new city jersey EVERY YEAR. Three years in now and just feels like too much.
  2. Jerry West, especially since those look to be modeled after late 60s/early 70s jerseys.
  3. We may not play bingo for money, but we do play for candy bars every six months with a bingo card and handful of Cheerios.
  4. The only expansion I see happening is the NFL expanding the season to 17 games with the extra game either played in London or Mexico City so that both locations have eight games each. Gets more exposure, no extra teams, blah, blah, blah, blah ...
  5. Nope, the Bucks unveiled the court in October 2015 and started playing on it that year. The Kings only announced and started playing on the ARCO court beginning in February 2016. I guess you could say both contributed to it with the Bucks introducing a secondary and the Kings introducing a throwback court. But, the Bucks were the first ones to actually do it.
  6. They can't get any worse than when they wore the orange back in 2012. Just do it.
  7. Only if they include the volleyball lines and hold a wedding reception right after game.
  8. It'll be interested to see how this influences courts moving forward. Ever since the Bucks came out with their "Fear the Deer" black heavy court more and more teams having been getting alternate courts. I wonder if we'll see more courts like the Nets?
  9. Um, it was the Grizzlies ... maybe the Hawks did as well? Looks like @TheFallenHaveRisen beat me too it.
  10. I really, really like this court. It's unique but not over the top. I think it's going to look great live.
  11. Yeah, I am picturing a metallic gold jersey with a parquet pattern. Meh.
  12. In a perfect world where Nike doesn't have such a big say that'd be nice. But, those days have long passed.
  13. I'm not sure that it was a fake? I heard it just wasn't going to be used this year.
  14. See, I like the lighter stain. I thought it was too dark last year. Good move IMO.
  15. Really depends on which side of the pond you're on.
  16. Wow. That's gray, huh? I actually like that!
  17. I agree. But, I did love the red orange, navy and gold they wore ... it's a solid combination. But, the Warriors should always be blue and gold.
  18. I don’t mind most of them — if done right. Jazz and Bucks 2nd I think are really sharp.
  19. Training camp starts in a couple of weeks, I'm sure we'll see a number of unveilings soon enough ... if not on Media Day
  20. Ooooooh, that makes sense, I was thinking this was this or last year.
  21. Here are some of my favorites ... .