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  1. Oooooh ... gotcha. That makes sense, I think I remember Kobe and/or Dwight wearing the compression shirts too because of medical reasons? Much better than any sleeved jersey that's for sure.
  2. Not familiar with what you’re talking with AD? His compression shirts under the jersey? I think the NBA’s rule is black or team color, no?
  3. Same. It looks like a basketball player with Muggsy Bogues' legs and Manute Bol's arms.
  4. It mentioned pages and pages and pages ago that the clubs are doing it themselves. I'd assume you'll see more reveals within the next couple of weeks as we get closer to camp, etc.
  5. Like the whole season? Soooooooooooo weird.
  6. They seem to have been married to this "look" for life now. A few small changes would be nice, especially seeing Rangers return on the home whites.
  7. I can't remember who said it? @Conrad. maybe? It's going to be some kind of on-court garment -- like a shooting shirt, warmup or whatever? Obviously something that us fans will WANT to buy.
  8. I think the City jerseys are being released before Thanksgiving and by the teams. There aren't any earned jerseys this year.
  9. Once for the name. Another just because they're the Broncos.
  10. Why only gripe is that it's white. I hate white colored throwbacks, especially considering they had this jersey in blue and gold as well.
  11. I'm fairly certain that the Pacers aren't doing the Hickory jerseys ... I can't remember where I read it (maybe a megathread), but I thought last year was the final year. Still, with that said, I'd much rather see an Indiana Pacers inspired Hickory jersey in blue and gold.
  12. Those would definitely be forgettable.
  13. I'm very much talking about the Jazz uniform. It's horrible, especially when this is all that comes to mind when I see it.
  14. I really think that court was always meant for the redesign.
  15. I’m sure it’ll be the two sided since it’s the most popular of the two.
  16. Give me the Pac-Man jerseys!
  17. Give it 3-5 years we’ll see them again.
  18. It's interesting that they've only thrown it back to that Braves uniform style when there are these options ...
  19. Same. It was revolutionary and yet constrained, probably because of the area it was coming out of?
  20. Egags it looks like a spiderweb now.
  21. Most creative, yes. Best? Ehhhhh ... I still prefer the 80s. With teams like the Pistons, Sixers, Wizards, Jazz, etc. going back to their 80s looks after a dramatic rebrand in the 90s proves that. But, it wasn’t all bad the Kings, Suns and Knicks came out with some decent 90s looks.