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  1. Tweak the number font to match the OKC and Thunder and that's a real winner. I also think that the Thunder could and should make OKC their primary mark. They can get away with it.
  2. The primaries have grown on me over time. When they were unveiled I remember being VERY underwhelmed, especially with the blue roads. Do I still think they need a refresh? Um, yeah. But, I'm also okay if they don't.
  3. I would lean on nostalgia and local appropriate names ... New York Bulldogs D.C. Renegades St. Louis Stallions Tampa Bay Bandits Dallas Outlaws Houston Avengers Los Angeles Rhinos Seattle Sockeyes
  4. Sure those are SUPER plain, but I did like the storyline behind them. I like them better than what they have this year.
  5. Two thoughts ... in PRO football -- Bulldogs is one that could used and embraced. I'm actually surprised it's not used. Of course in college and HS that's another story. But, I'd love a Bulldogs name. I'm sure you're right about Athletics, Packers and Magic. But, it's also hard to compare the three since they all come from different eras and got their nicknames through different methods (nickname from newspapers, sponsor, name-the-team with heavy marketing considering) ... but, now, in today's American sports world we've kind of established what kind of nicknames work for professional sports -- animals (Lions, Tigers, Rams, Hornets, Ravens, etc), regional names (Nationals, Texans, Canadiens, Phillies, Yankees), regional appropriate names (Lakers, Jazz, Oilers, Nuggets, Spurs, Magic, Hurricanes, Canucks), mythical names (Wizards, Titans, Knights), people's nicknames (Redskins, Blackhawks, Celtics). I'm sure I could make that list longer especially considering early 1900 baseball nicknames. There are other "rules" we've kind of adopted ... singular nicknames are not always the best (Magic, Jazz, Wild), and double name nicknames are pretty ridiculous, especially for top tier professional sports (Mighty Ducks, Golden Knights, Silver Stars, etc). Though those rules are thrown out the window for minor league (especially baseball). My point being -- if the XFL wants to be taken more seriously I'd avoid minor league sounding names. They can get creative, just don't go overboard IMO.
  6. Just add LED lights ...
  7. This is my favorite part about waiting for logo or jersey reveals. The speculation and rampant rumors is part of the game that's soooooo blown out of proportion that you sometimes need to wear a tinfoil hat to just read through all the comments here. Carry on.
  8. I lost a friendship because when I was a kid my friend and I got into fight over the location Washington Bullets. He was insistent that the Bullets played in Washington state and not in DC, because they weren’t the Washington DC Bullets. Even after I showed they played in the East and the Sonics in the West he wouldn’t accept it.
  9. For whatever reason they didn't use it that night? LockerVision had them using it.
  10. I'll actually be right by Angel Stadium this weekend, I'm curious now to see how big the location is in person with this perspective. Even with that said ... I just don't see Disney really wanting to build right by the freeway unless it was more shopping, hotels and restaurants.
  11. And, there has been rumors of a third Anaheim Disney Park for years. That’s a whole different story and discussion. But, that area would be a good location for a third park. With that all said, I just don’t see the Angels moving. Look how difficult it is to get any arena or stadium deal done in California.
  12. Stores. Restaurants. Hotels. SIDE NOTE: I'm somewhat surprised we haven't had 2-3 posts suggesting a Los Angeles Angels of Long Beach name change.
  13. Which describes my feeling of it …
  14. Hot Rod Hundley always called them the pesky Timberwolves. I think their ‘96 look captured that.
  15. Well, if Santa Cruz is ever looking to drop the Warriors nickname, there you go.
  16. Interesting. That's a good question. It wouldn't surprise me, the volt hasn't really bothered me on the jerseys. However standing alone the volt looks way more green than yellow.
  17. Interesting read: Looks like besides Calgary and Columbus places like Ft. Worth, Wichita, Kansas City and Vacaville, CA all share the nickname.
  18. I came to say the same thing. LockerVision has them with the Fear the Deer court too.
  19. Maybe we should consult the Utah Jazz?