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  1. Looks like the silver throwbacks were worn in 2003-04, the season after Robinson retired.
  2. Um, yeah, those are horrible and not that funny.
  3. I'm not a fan of any of their jerseys, including the Prince jerseys.
  4. Well it's not an official alternate logo. Just a fashion hat. But, I do like it.
  5. Throwbacks, maybe the silver ones? It might have been just after he retired? Lemme look.
  6. Nope. But, he modeled it 1987 after being drafted by the team. But, once he joined the team two years later they had changed to the set he’s known for wearing.
  7. This Portland one is really the only good one out of the bunch IMO.
  8. It'll be interesting to see the secondary marks for the ASG in Chicago. I'll throw down $100 that the star logo will be with the Chicago star.
  9. Socks and gloves? Now there's an incentive.
  10. I always loved these other gems of Alex English as well ...
  11. They did that last year as well. And, it's a good showcase for the city jersey since they (theoretically) change every year.
  12. Gorgeous jerseys — I’m just not really sold on that court?!
  13. I'm with you on the sharks, but i actually don't mind the current Ducks color scheme. I'm just not a fan of the Ducks wordmark or D web logo, I actually prefer the Wild Wing original logo with the current colors.
  14. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am not a Pels fans at all, but this was basically a decade overdue.
  15. I agree. I'd be fine with a half-assed retroized court like the Warriors have done with their jerseys.
  16. The only thing that would have made this better would be if it took place in Charlotte on their throwback court. I love it! This is the way throwback games should be!
  17. Two thoughts — Drop the outline on the numbers. It just seems unnecessary to me that contrast beautifully on their own merits. I’m not sold on the numbers. I kinda like number font @the admiral shared. It feels “modernly old school” But, I love the direction and feel of it. It feels like “The LA Rams”
  18. As much as I'm not a fan of the ASG jerseys, they're better than those ... those look like a minor league practice jersey.
  19. I can agree with that. I think what I don't like the most about the fishsticks logo is that he's just there. There's no action or purpose other than he's just there.
  20. I think the two strikes for it ... besides going away from the team's traditional logo, was that the toothpaste wave and the human logo. Human logos, especially in professional sports, just don't make good logos and it's one reason why we don't see many of them ... Patriots are really the only ones that come to mind. But, I agree with @VancouverFan69 it could have made a decent third jersey crest ... at the very least.
  21. I think this was the NOLA's best jersey as the Hornets.