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  1. Well, since this news broke about the Nike/MLB deal AND the Padres going back to brown and gold, I guess we have some concrete changes to look forward to in 2020! I wonder if we'll see any other changes with the Nike contract taking over in 2020? I almost think we'd see 2021 with more changes because of the delay after Under Armor pulled out of the deal.
  2. Ehhhh ... I don't think it's much of a rivalry any more.
  3. Not sure how I feel about those logos? I want to like them, but not sure if I do. They kind of look like a blue radish.
  4. I don't think ASG jerseys need to essentially match the home team's logo ... but, I do wish there was a bit more creativity on the part of the jerseys.
  5. I really hate the zero on the jerseys ... ugh.
  6. Which I get having spent quite a bit of time in the Bay Area. But, I just think the NFL would rather have the Raiders play in a FOOTBALL stadium, rather than a baseball specific stadium -- even just for one year. Then again, what do I know ... the Chargers play in a FUTBALL stadium with a 25,000 capacity?! I just think that the NFL and Raiders could make it worth the Niners time and money for a one year rental.
  7. Seriously, how hard is this? And, while we're on the topic ... how hard was it to share the stadium and save the Bay Area from the losing the Raiders again?
  8. So people ACTUALLY like that mustardy gold color? Are they trying not to be just another RWB team? It just darkens their look so much.
  9. I’m pretty sure they’re going with royal blue and gold, but I think it would be cool if they could do white horns on the road and gold horns at home.
  10. I wouldn't anticipate a change other than making powder blue their full-time home jersey.
  11. If they go with an aggressive fighter jet look -- I'm now going to be calling it a "pew pew" look
  12. I would assume new ones made? I think they go through a helmet or two a season. They might have implied a makeover of what they had for the message that the white shell is gone?
  13. I give it one more year of teams adapting to the new offensive rules. I don't know if I like this trend or not? Leaning toward not, especially when three teams scored over 140 points last night.
  14. I guess we shouldn't be THAT shocked considering that last year's jerseys were meant to highlight the players' shoes with minimal color. Considering there's RWB on these ... I guess that's a win? Still sucks.
  15. I just wish that they'd be a BIT (meaning way more) creative with the uniforms. I really like the idea of using the team uniform graphics over a similar color or graphic base like the NBA did in 2015 for the Rookie Challenge.
  16. I have a lot I want to say about them, but the only word that comes to mind that I feel like sharing is ... meh.
  17. Who's us? How old are you?
  18. Between Sockeyes and Steelheads ... Sockeyes, please. And, I do prefer those options over Metros, Totems and Kraken as well.
  19. Its always going to be mono black.
  20. Looks like we're getting this next week in the AFC ... Praying we can avoid this in the NFC ...
  21. So basically if the Chargers and Colts win in the AFC and Rams and Eagles in the NFC. Then it would be an all-LA Conference Championship weekend. Hmmm ... that could go along way for the Chargers being embraced by LA. Especially if both the Rams and Chargers win.
  22. I like the lighter blue, but I love that dark blue concept. I'd have nothing against either. I love the simplicity.