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  1. There are plenty of threads for that.
  2. Very resourceful for a city that still has the foundation for a 30 year old abandoned stadium.
  3. I think it was more that it was converted to an office building from the arena after they moved to ARCO II. It was built as a temporary home for the Kings.
  4. No. Both were terrible. The court just gets love because it was unusual and a one year thing.
  5. I don’t know if it’s official or just preferred? The reliable source of internet knowledge, Wikipedia, says it’s Los Angeles but branded as LA.
  6. And, then name Magic Johnson as an honorary president of the team. I say honorary because well ... we know why.
  7. I love the Clips in just RWB, because that’s what I grew up on watching them ... however I love that out of bounds city grid and the minimal red and blue kinda works. I could get behind a predominantly black color scheme with minimal highlights of red, blue, orange or even sky blue.
  8. I think having alternate courts are fine and appreciated in most cases. But, while I am fairly confident it would never happen, I'm hesitant to confidently say that we'd never see food-base one off promotions in the NBA. I thought we'd never see ads on jerseys. Huh. Possibly. The LA Kings as well.
  9. Not a huge fan of the City Jerseys, but I actually do like the Core Court. But, at the same time I'm conflicted because I love the Clippers in R,W,B with no black in the color scheme.
  10. That baseline arena logo is WOOF! And, the Kings have kept that City Court the past couple of years with new baby blue jerseys. I am sure there will be SOME difference, though I liked this years version much better than the original.
  11. I love the treatment of the Clippers anniversary logo on their court ... wood stain and hardly noticeable like it's an admission that ... sure we've been around for 50 years but there's not much worth celebrating. At least not yet.
  12. Oh man, this is definitely a major leak! Here are a few observations ... I guess the Warriors will have TWO classic uniforms as they have two classic courts. And, that Orlando court is absolutely stupid.
  13. In general I don’t mind the different courts that much. I especially appreciate throwback courts, because I’ve always hated throwback jerseys on a court with their current logos. And, if we’re in a world of “City Jerseys” a court to match the jersey is nice. For example compare the Jazz and Bulls playing on their respective home courts in their City Jersey. What the Magic have done just seems rather frivolous. At least the Warriors change was JUST center court, not the keys and sideline logos.
  14. 1) I can sense some Supersonic frustration in that post. 2) Agreed. At least these are just segment changes ... like the Warriors did in Oracle. But, yeah, totally excess.
  15. IIIIIIIIIIIIIII ... really love this.
  16. Outside of the Florida Panthers, this might ever well be the most Florida appropriate nickname.
  17. That's true. I guess if the Warriors were able to wear the "WE BELIEVE" jerseys for a game while having a full-time throwback ... why not? It's not like the NBA cares THAT much, well as long as $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
  18. Who said the St. Louis name was horrible? Is it the worst? No. IMO ... Battle Hawks is better than the New York Guardians.
  19. Add the Raptors and T'Wolves to that list.
  20. Are we sure that's what they're using this season? I am pretty sure the classic "The City" jerseys were leaked already? Though that one wouldn't be a bad one to wear since I believe it's their first San Francisco home jersey? IDK? Maybe @Conrad. can shed some light on it?
  21. Not as a regular look, but for special occasions or 1-2 games ... why not? But, with NFL rules you're not going to see that.
  22. Gross. Charlotte and Dallas have always had problems with their throwbacks.
  23. I agree on the white and teak throwbacks. They switched to Hugo at least by 1992-93, but the purple alts -- sans the pinstripes -- are fairly accurate.
  24. This is what @Conrad. said ...
  25. I love the nostalgia and all, but ... THOSE PINSTRIPES are an extra 2-3 clicks too large.