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  1. I feel the same way about Dikembe Mutombo's season in New Jersey.
  2. Oops, wrong thread.
  3. There were seven reasons why 35 meant so much to him. Maybe that's why? Who knows?
  4. A bit? It is VERY dated.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if they kept them around for a couple more years solely as a fashion jersey.
  6. Ok, I see that. But, the LA Clippers have always been a RWB team, if anything I’d drop the black. And as @Tracy Jordan mentioned above a return to the 2000s set would be good.
  7. Though it’s not like RWB isn’t represented well with other teams ... Dodgers, Angels, etc. Honestly, I'm on the fence with the baby blue and orange. I’d much prefer a return to the cursive font jerseys. But, I also get the association with Stirling with them.
  8. I’m a Jazz fan first and forth most, but the Clippers have been my second team since the days of Matt Fish. Since news made me HAPPY! Not just because I hate the Lakers, but what it means to OKC and Westbrook as well. Tear it down. This is nuts. It doesn’t help my Jazz get out of the West any easier, but they’re up to the task this year. But, man, George AND Kawhi?! It almost feels like a modern day Scottie and MJ pairing.
  9. Why do people think crotch logo shorts are stylish?
  10. True. That would also bring up the question of do the Orioles go with the St. Louis Browns or minor league O's? More than anything, I think it would be a fun concept for a weekend.
  11. Why not? That could be fun. I'd much rather have a fauxback than stars and stripes. Plus, they do that for Players Weekend and (use to) for Mothers/Fathers/etc. Weekend.
  12. You know, I'd actually love the 4th of July to be a throwback weekend instead of the star and stripes ... how cool would it be if the whole weekend was teams in throwbacks from the 30s or 40s ... including expansion teams wearing time era appropriate throwbacks or fauxbacks. Just a thought.
  13. HA! This is Nike and the NBA, the beaten horse hasn’t even died yet.
  14. Now does that just mean the BLACK vice jerseys are dead? That's how I read it.
  15. I agree. And, I think now that the salary cap has caught up with the Warriors, we're going to see a new age of parity.
  16. I agree. As a City Jersey ... two years MAX on the theme, just like the Jazz's Sunset Jerseys ... it shouldn't be a permanent jersey. Rotate it in and out.
  17. That’s my prediction as well. We’ll also probably get some random swooshy lines here and there for a true Nike experience.
  18. Nah, green, red and black ...
  19. I only recall the '98-99 Bulls being almost THIS bare (they had like 3-4 leftover players from the '98 Finals Team?). But, this really is something else.
  20. I don't feel bad. At all.
  21. I really like the Warriors' Clipper logo! That's kinda cool!
  22. Yeah, I looked at it too ... totally the filter. Though, as a throwback I'm sure we'll see the teal again someday.