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  1. To reflect the modern game, I'd still prefer MJ ... but, I get the sediment for Kobe.
  2. I was surprised by this just for the fact that Mark Aguirre who wore #24 with the team should have it retired.
  3. betcha we’ll see checkered flag inspired flags next year in Indy. Or worse, brick pattern ...
  4. It would have looked cool with the numbers inside a Chicago star. But, truth be told, I'm just glad the front isn't just a players' team logo.
  5. I like the Rookie game jerseys. Those are sharp. I like how it incorporates past Bulls' designs. But, really the only thing I like is that the main game is Red vs. Blue.
  6. DAMNIT! I wanted those to be fake.
  7. I can tell the difference between the home and away team without much problem. It's really a non-issue. It's the mess with tradition. I mean, if the Celtics and Lakers want to have clown clothing, cool. But, when I see them play against each other ... give us the classic gold vs. green or white vs. purple matchup.
  8. does it have to do something with the 100th season?
  9. For games IN BROOKLYN I actually like the White vs. Gray matchups. There’s a way it meshes with the gray court that I think looks sharp.
  10. Should clarify, 00 has pretty much been allowed for most of league history. It’s been the rule until 2014-ish that there can’t be a 00 and 0 on the same team. Which @Igor Coelho pointed out.
  11. The rule started for not having a 00 and 0 on the same team in 2000? I am pretty sure it was way before that.
  12. My thoughts ... 1) If gold was added it'd mainly be Blank tying in the franchises he owns. Do I think they will? No. Would I be against it? No. 2) I think the discussion we should have is how close Atlanta is to having all four franchises share the same color scheme of red and black. Would we be up in arms if the Braves went with black and red? 3) I'm curious to know what color the helmet will be. I'm betting black. But, I think red helmet with black home jersey would be the best look. 4) Praying for nothing too extreme.
  13. I want to say the "rule" not allowing a 0 and 00 on the same team was dropped around 2013-2014ish?
  14. I could see maybe a black alternate? Maybe?
  15. it’s just merch... I think they match the Earned warmups?
  16. As much as we want a traditional set, I have a feeling they’re going to f— this up.
  17. I'd love for the NBA to rethink or redo the way they do memorial badges, etc., especially how that the space they used to do on is taken by ads. I hate the black stripe. Why not something else? Or somewhere else? In particularly with the Stern memorial, I feel like they should have done something on the back neckline alongside the NBA logo. What else could you do on a basketball uniform?
  18. I wouldn't read too much into it. They went from gold, navy to white, navy since their move back to LA. Odds are they're just going back to yellow and navy or royal blue.
  19. I don't expect any changes to the Chargers, the only change they needed to make (besides moving back to San Diego) was making the powder blue their main home unis.
  20. I don't think it's so much color vs. color than it's the team and Nike's sub-par and overused designs.
  21. Yeah, it’s not a full logo either.