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  1. I have a lot I want to say about them, but the only word that comes to mind that I feel like sharing is ... meh.
  2. Who's us? How old are you?
  3. Between Sockeyes and Steelheads ... Sockeyes, please. And, I do prefer those options over Metros, Totems and Kraken as well.
  4. Its always going to be mono black.
  5. Looks like we're getting this next week in the AFC ... Praying we can avoid this in the NFC ...
  6. So basically if the Chargers and Colts win in the AFC and Rams and Eagles in the NFC. Then it would be an all-LA Conference Championship weekend. Hmmm ... that could go along way for the Chargers being embraced by LA. Especially if both the Rams and Chargers win.
  7. I like the lighter blue, but I love that dark blue concept. I'd have nothing against either. I love the simplicity.
  8. If the Benson family was involved with an AA team I'd love for them to use the Pelicans name. Probably won't happen with a Pelicans MiLB team and the NBA team, but Pelicans is a baseball name to me. Whatever the name ... just make it sane.
  9. Traveling team! Traveling team! Traveling team!
  10. Agreed. But, it would be fun for the semiquincentennial in 2026.
  11. And, let's talk about their popular red alts that they ditched and won't bring back. Who the hell asked for black and gray?
  12. Having more than two colors isn't the problem here. The design, especially the stripes make it look something off the discount rack at Ross. I'd take this year's ASG sweater over those any day.
  13. I agree. I think the past few years with the ASG tournament having a specific color for each division was perfect. Really the team logo in BW works for a drafted NBA ASG team where Conferences don't matter.
  14. I won't lie, the Cowboys mismatching pants/helmets doesn't bug me at all. I see no need to change them it works, it's the Cowboys. I really, really love their white jerseys.
  15. Considering the NBA and Nike did it to put the focus on players’ shoes — what are you emphasizing with the sweaters? Is there a skate market I’m not aware of? This just wreaks of copycatting.
  16. Do you really expect anyone to trade for him? It seems like Memphis is willing to take on longer contracts to get rid of him. Yikes.
  17. I was wondering what happened to the old thread ... especially when I was so eager to share Thibs firing and my lamentations about the Jazz.
  18. Glad to see the Rams and Cowboys in classic sets. It's going to be a gorgeous game.
  19. I don't know ... they've grown on me. I love the white jerseys. I just wish they'd do something different with the blue jerseys.
  20. And, @Teal, this isn't a personal attack against you when many on this board goes by this ethos. It's just the way many on this thread work with rumor and speculation. You've been right about a number of things, which is cool. But, don't take others' skepticism personally ... or rub it in others' faces. Which is why you tend to get a lot flak on the boards. /today's sermon.
  21. Oh man ... tonight's NOLA/Cleveland game is something else visually. Let's be glad we didn't see a Jazz/Cavs matchup last night in both their City jerseys.
  22. Likewise. And, while watching this game, I have to say it makes me love the Cowboys' white jerseys even more ... they're gorgeous, mismatched silver and all.