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  1. I am expecting that third court to either me the throwback or predominantly display baby blue from the teasers and hints the team has released since unveiling their first uniform this offseason.
  2. Yeah, IDK? They put Kemp and Payton in OKC jerseys?! Such a shame!
  3. As a Jazz fan, I want to hate this -- but, I don't ...
  4. Not sure? That looks like David Thompson -- could be an all-time team. Though I wouldn't mind if they were. But, I don't believe they were on the list?
  5. I would put money on the black uniform being a sleeveless (yeah!) version of the one worn in the Finals.
  6. A couple points of correction on the Miami Floridians ... 1) They were the Miami Floridians from 1968-70 and then simply The Floridians (1970-72) 2) The black, magenta and orange mock up is of the fauxback the Heat have worn in the past. The original did not include "MIAMI" on the jersey, it was just the number. The team name "FLORIDIANS" was on the shorts (see below). I love your work! It's about time there's a basketball jersey database!
  7. I'm more disappointed that they renamed it the Capital One Arena and not Capital One Centre. #missedopportunity
  8. As mentioned before this logo is unchanged ... but, I do hope future throwbacks go with retro logos. That'd be a nice touch for such a stupid practice.
  9. I'm fine with this, especially considering they are throwing back to their inaugural jerseys and are celebrating their 50th anniversary. It makes sense. I am sure down the road we'll all finally get the Irish Rainbow jerseys. We're probably going to hear the same complaints about the Suns' throwback this year as well. Sure, there are "BETTER" options, but it's an anniversary year.
  10. Man that Nike and Harley-Davidson patch just make this uniform POP! It really adds a lot to the overall design.
  11. It was 25 years old and way too old ...
  12. Doubt it. They changed it last year to a purple heavy with the sun burst on it, reflects the changes they made to the uniforms this year.
  13. Then there's this whole mess in Cleveland ...
  14. Stadium Games is an interesting read about the stadium issues and financing in Minnesota. Really delves into the Twins and North Stars situations.
  15. Well, that's a confusing looking game. From my assessment this is a preseason game held at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD in 1980 since the 1980-81 season was the only full season Lucas played with the Nets and the Bullets hosted a preseason tournament in the 80s.
  16. I believe it's just the lighting?
  17. But, the thing is the lack of green is about on par with the amount of green the logo has. I have no problem with it. Plus, from what leaks have indicated the lack of green will be adequately remedied with at least one of their alts.
  18. Well, according to most of the posts it seems that each set will released separately. One in the fall and one in the winter. I am assuming the winter one will around Christmas and the fall one will be released somewhere around September 29th when the jerseys go on sale. Isn't there a big Nike reveal planned? I'd imagine they'll show off the technology, the jersey already seen and the first alternate. But, that's all speculation.
  19. Exactly, the patch has been on the back of the jerseys the past couple of years.
  20. Sigh. No. Nothing's changing. I kinda now wish the Lakers unveiled the Association and Icon jerseys like everyone else ... just so the internet would have exploded.
  21. I think I would like the Spurs new duds much better if the number font matched the Spurs new wordmark.
  22. WOW! What just happened? That's like three reveals within 10 minutes!
  23. Much, much better. But, I'm still not a fan of the drab colors.