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  1. EDIT: So wait it is?! HAHAHA! YES!!!!!!
  2. Not with the updates they made a couple years ago. Fix those and it’s back up there in top 3-5 IMO.
  3. And, I think in that story he was still talking about possibly changing the team name. Something I hope they don't do. As horrid as the Clippers history has been they're the Clippers and they're past is every bit why I've been a fan for nearly 30 years.
  4. And, that's why I hope ... and believe ... he'll win the Battle of LA against the Lakers. His passion and business savvy is light years from the current Lakers' ownership situation and will be until the Buss Family sells.
  5. Why? So somebody else can post it a couple pages from now?
  6. Just give us a throwback. Not this crap.
  7. Now the Clippers I could see doing it with that script.
  8. The one thing I'd love from the Cavs is a gold jersey again. Just like the Pistons in red, the Cavs should be in gold.
  9. #SorryNotSorry Its just that time of the year where we wait for the new jerseys!
  10. I love how this thread has become “Ask @Conrad.“
  11. Is this really a confirmation? I swear I’ve seen teams who are getting new statements sell jerseys of newcomers? @Conrad. anything you can divulge?
  12. This is totally blowing my mind!
  13. Honestly, I thought it was always straight? Is that not straight?
  14. There's a picture for reference. Yeah, it might just be for the firefighters. But, generally speaking, firefighters and 9/11 are quite synonymous, especially for many of us outside of NYC.
  15. I think he was saying leave it there permanently as part of the design. That, I think would be appropriate. Like having 9:01 and 9:03 in on opposite sides of the shorts?
  16. I must ask then, what do you think of the memorial jerseys?
  17. Did they kind of not with the Knicks' first City Jersey? Not as blatant as the OKC jerseys, but I got that vibe. Also, side note: Chicago Fire, Atlanta Flames and the San Jose Earthquakes to an extent are all named after somewhat specific tragedies. Maybe it's the passing of time that makes this "okay?"
  18. Yeah, looks like it's consistent with the memorial.
  19. I would hope ... HOPE ... the Thunder and Nike would donate the sales to the victims of the bombings. But, it smells of a MLB level holiday money grab to me. Though, the memorial jerseys do fit with the city because of the impact he had on the city, state and nation.
  20. I think it has more to do with leaving Oakland than anything. But, if I were a betting man I’d say we see the San Francisco Warriors by 2024. You can’t tell me this ownership group wouldn’t pounce on it, especially since they had a SF alternate logo made in the 2010 switch.
  21. Right, but San Francisco is a much more lucrative name than Golden State, even with the amount of global exposure the Warriors have had the past five seasons. San Francisco is an international recognized city, Golden State is a state nickname.
  22. I'm not so sure? Money talks. The Angels went from the Anaheim Angels to the LA Angels within 5 years of winning the World Series.
  23. I wonder how long it will be until the Warriors just go with the San Francisco Warriors?