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  1. Yeah it doesn't work for some teams but they could wear an alternate logo or the initials of the city. Just for some variety
  2. I think they should just wear different decals on the helmets. Much like when Denver wears the old D Broncos logo for their color rush
  3. This. Saw this a lot when I was in Strength and Conditioning with strained hammies
  4. Not sure if posted already but AAA New Orleans Baby Cakes are moving to Wichita, Kansas. Haven't seen anything about new team name or colors yet.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/goshockers/status/1040246407024791552?s=21 New Wichita State uniforms from Under Armor
  6. [Link] https://twitter.com/ISURedbirds/status/964975656344932352 [Link] Illinois State throwbacks today against UNI
  7. Not sure if posted already but Tulane is wearing Mardi Gras themed jerseys today 2/4/18 against Temple
  8. I think someone found that they use the exact same shade of maroon. I wish Bama would expand their jersey options a bit. Gets old seeing the same 2 jersey combinations week after week. I think a different pant option or alternate jersey would be nice. Kinda what OU did, keep the classic look for the majority of the time but still have an alternate to wear time to time
  9. Bama's jerseys look like OU's alternate white
  10. Kind of late but did anyone notice the Quicklanes Bowl game's end zones? the game was between Northern Illinois and Duke, but both end zones were blue. Kind of weird. I'l look for a picture
  11. Nice hang job!! Lol. Do you have pics of the other ones????
  12. When did you play there? I played for Coach Gardner at Tabor College in Kansas. He coached at Malone before he came to TC