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  1. can you do a Raiders field in their last season in Oakland?
  2. Hey guys! I was on youtube and found some vids for the cardinals fields One I found that shows the field from one those photos, in a video Another one I found that could help on the field at the time they were the Phoenix Cardinals! Hope this was useful! EDIT: i just found another video of the field, but with a different font in the end zone the dumb thing about this video is that it's 2 hours long, but you can just browse through the video
  3. I know! I haven't seen this kind of font associated to the Cardinals. I tried the internet archive, google images, and even this website doesn't have the field's font. I don't think the font has ties to the College, but if you want to see the whole field without waiting for me to post an image, try looking up a game in NFL Game Pass, and you guys will have a week of copying the field, or you'll be wasting $45. Just saying
  4. I also found this different version of the endzone on their last season there too! Just showing it out.
  5. About that video, the description for it was wrong, saying that it was the last game there for the cardinals until they moved into U of P Stadium Decided to comment on this 6 year long vid before commenting to you, and I just got a reply from the channel, and they rewrote the desc Just pointing that out there Oh and while I tried to find a image on google, I found the other endzone! I thing this image could be helpful! I know it's not colored like the one on the vid, but i'm sure that its the same font used on the other side.
  6. SFCOM1! I just barely signed up and I'm wondering if you're still making those Cardinals fields that you said you'll do. If so, then I just found this video that I don't know if you saw or not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOrlF6y3DPQ This is a time-lapse video of Sun Devil Stadium transitioning from the Fiesta Bowl to the Week 17 game from the 2004 Season I suggest that if you don't want to see the whole video (even if it's just 45 seconds), skip to about 17 seconds. That's when they transition the field to the Cardinals one I have no guarantee if that was what they had the whole time there at the college field, but it was the last time that it was used until the rebrand happened I hope this message was useful for you, and if not, you just wasted 15 minutes of my life on this reply
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